Monday, July 7, 2008

Pro-Lifers Picket NEA Convention & State HQs

Pro-Lifers Picket NEA Convention: Chuck Donovan, Nellie Gray, Jim Sedlak, Rev. Childress, Bob Pawson Speak Out; NEA Endorses Obama

WASHINGTON, July 7 /Christian Newswire/ -- Pro-Life leaders united to confront the National Education Association leadership's pro-abortion resolutions, policies, and activism at two press conferences sponsored by Pro- Life Educators And Students during the NEA convention in Washington, DC. The first was held inside the Family Research Council newsroom; another outside the Washington Convention Center. Pro-lifers picketed the NEA convention and various state offices. Reports are coming in from organizers such as: Dr. Seriah Rein, NJ; Rev. Matt Trewhella, WI; Rod Clay, OH; Dan Cassidy, SC; Jeff White, CA; Mary Forester, NE.

Photo: Pro-life press conference at NEA Convention (left-to-right): Peter Shinn, Pro-Life Unity; Jim Sedlak, ALL; Bob Pawson, PLEAS (NEA-NJEA member); Nellie Gray, First Lady of the Pro-Life Movement; John Tomicki, LOAF; Becky Banks, SFLA; Nancy Tanner, Silent No More (NEA-MSTA member). Not shown: Chuck Donovan, Exec VP, Family Research Council; Rev. Clenard Childress,; Sissy Jochmann, NEA Conservative Educators Caucus, (NEA-PA Delegate); Judy Bruns, Teachers Saving Children, (NEA-OH Delegate); Charmaine Yoest, VP Communications FRC; Missy Smith, WAKEUP.

NEA's record of endorsing pro-abortion Democrats continued. Of NEA's 9,105 delegates: 8,578 voted; 527 abstained. 6,841 or 79.8% of those voting chose Obama: the lowest percentage in recent history. Kerry received 86.5%; Gore 89.5%; Clinton 91.5% (1996) and 88.2% (1992).

"The letters N-E-A should stand for Never Endorse Anybody", said Bob Pawson of PLEAS, "Especially not candidates so fiercely committed to killing future students in their mothers' wombs. When NEA leaders complain about No Child Left Behind - understand that fifty million American children have indeed been left behind: in medical waste containers, incinerators, and landfills."

"Disappointed NEA delegates expected Obama to speak in person, not by satellite. Perhaps weeks of internet buzz about pro-life prayer-&-picket demonstrations at the NEA Convention and state- affiliate offices persuaded Obama's web-savvy, media- wary advisors to nix his appearance."

"NEA's leaders claim they support so-called 'friends of education'. Nonsense! Pro-abortion candidates can never truly be 'friends of education' or educators. Such morbid 'friends' are lethal to babies - and to teachers' jobs. Tragically, NEA's pro-abortion leadership also fails to qualify," said Pawson, a Trenton, NJ teacher. "Friends don't let friends kill babies."

"It is illogical, immoral, unethical and unprofessional for teacher unions to engage in abortion advocacy. NEA is supposed to use our dues monies to protect our jobs. Aborting babies - future students - also aborts teachers' careers. The leadership foolishly and perversely divides us over non-job-related issues - like abortion - then expects us to be unified for contract negotiations or strikes."

"Pro-Life NEA members across America can remedy this situation by running for office - at all levels of NEA. Especially run to become Convention Delegates. Let's regain control over our union! Restore proper stewardship over our professional association and profession. Help neutralize the NEA and state affiliates on abortion and many other social, political, and moral issues. Don't quit the NEA; take it back."

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