Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Judie Brown: "Cruelty as humor -- the Trig Palin joke!"


Judie Brown
February 24, 2010
There appears to be no level as to which the media will not stoop in its efforts to paint Sarah Palin and her family as a mere caricature based on their twisted preconceptions. They cannot stand the idea that the Palins are a family affirming and loving a special needs child. The latest flap concerns the despicable cartoon production Family Guy and its producer's crass comment to television host Bill Maher that the incident presented in the Family Guy episode was a mere joke and apparently, he alleges, Palin "has no sense of humor."

Well, if this so-called joke isn't the height of arrogance blended with disdain, the likes of which even I am appalled at, then something in the garbage can of television doesn't stink!

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