Thursday, February 11, 2010

Personhood Nevada Files Appeal in State Supreme Court:

Personhood Nevada Files Appeal in State Supreme Court to Keep Personhood Alive

CARSON CITY, Feb. 11 /Christian Newswire/ -- Personhood Nevada appealed to the State Supreme Court today, calling for the overturning of Judge James Russell's opinion against the Nevada Personhood Amendment.

On Friday, January 8, Judge Russell ruled that the fourteen word amendment did not encompass a single subject, although it is comprised of merely a handful of words and one of the most succinct ever to be filed in that State.

"It's a civil rights initiative by and for the people. By the logic of First District Court Judge James Russell, the people of Nevada would never be allowed to bring forth a civil rights initiative," observed Personhood Nevada President Olaf Vancura. "Such denial is unconstitutional. We're appealing to the Supreme Court in hopes that they will recognize the voters' rights in the State of Nevada."

A similar lawsuit was filed by Planned Parenthood against Colorado's Personhood Amendment in 2008, but the lawsuit failed. Although the Colorado amendment was longer, it was found to be a single subject issue and allowed to proceed.

"We have seen these tactics before," noted Keith Mason, co-founder of Personhood USA. "Judge Russell is the first to take the side of Planned Parenthood, but we are confident that the voters' rights will prevail and Personhood will be on Nevada's ballot in the near future."

Personhood USA is a grassroots, Christian organization founded to establish personhood efforts across America to create protection for every child by love and by law. Personhood USA is committed to assisting and supporting Personhood Legislation and Constitutional Amendments and building local pro-life organizations through raising awareness of the personhood of the preborn.