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Monday, July 18, 2011

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Harry Potter expert criticizes Vatican newspaper’s glowing review of Deathly Hallows 2

John-Henry Westen Mon Jul 18 10:09 EST

Michael O’Brien argues that the Vatican newspaper’s review springs from a “habit of making a split between faith and culture, and most strangely by straining to praise fundamentally disordered cultural material.”

Pornography awareness campaign exposes devastating effects on children

Kathleen Gilbert Mon Jul 18 13:44 EST Family

Children today stumble upon obscene material on the Internet at an alarming rate, said President of Morality in Media Patrick Trueman.

Worldview blinders: ‘missing’ women and abortion on demand

The Editors Mon Jul 18 09:47 EST Opinion

You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. That’s especially true when it comes to worldviews.

Life on the move: ‘Biggest Crossroads yet’ now trekking across North America, Ireland

Kathleen Gilbert Mon Jul 18 17:05 EST Abortion

As summer draws to a sweltering peak this July, 65 pro-life youths are a lot hotter than everyone else.

Catholic Maryland Gov. pushing homosexual ‘marriage’ on the state

Patrick B. Craine Mon Jul 18 16:13 EST Homosexuality

Gov. Martin O'Malley has set same-sex "marriage" as a legislative priority after New York's success last month.

Taxpayers paying for Planned Parenthood abortions, violating Hyde: pro-life group

Patrick B. Craine Mon Jul 18 16:05 EST Abortion

"[T[he amount of tax-funding for Planned Parenthood and the number of abortions they commit are almost mirror images," says Jim Sedlak of American Life League.

Appeals court re-allows ‘don’t ask don’t tell,’ but blocks military discharges

Peter J. Smith Mon Jul 18 15:50 EST Homosexuality

The move allows the Pentagon to continue its job of certifying the military’s readiness to accept homosexual troops into the ranks.

New York pro-family groups plan demonstrations to demand referendum on gay ‘marriage’

Peter J. Smith Mon Jul 18 15:30 EST Homosexuality

The marches and rallies will take place on the same day the new same-sex “marriage” law takes effect.

Ontario PC leader Hudak says he won’t open abortion debate

Patrick B. Craine Mon Jul 18 12:11 EST Abortion

Hudak, who has identified as pro-life in the past, now says he will take Prime Minister Stephen Harper's approach.

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