Thursday, March 23, 2017

New form of stem-cell engineering raises ethical questions - 23 Mar 2017

California Catholic Daily

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New form of stem-cell engineering raises ethical questions: Scientists are starting to assemble stem cells that can organize themselves into embryo like structures


March for life, peace and migrants in
Archbishop Francisco Moreno Barrón marches in the March for Life, Peace and Migrants. The March originally began 17 years ago as a solely pro-life event. Over the years, it became a march for life and peace, and now includes immigration as well. (Screenshot from Youtube)
Tijuana draws 30,000: Archbishop Francisco Moreno Barrón spoke out against walls while he carried cross of migrants

California bishops sponsor bill to give new teachers a tax break: AB 586 would give newly credentialed teachers either a $500 individual tax credit or a $2500 income tax deduction