Friday, February 16, 2018

Ahhh...damage severe at EMC BX LifeHouse...repairs needed ASAP


On a cold cold few recent nights...
we experienced, once again, a brutal winter of severe cold, and as a result EMC's Bronx LifeHouse took a hit with frozen pipes and some serious damage!

Can you help us restore it?
In a spirit of Lenten sacrifice, please help us house pro-life workers, now!

The guys basement bathroom shower is bad news! Immediate repairs needed! Help today!
Please help me pay for $6,500 in emergency plumbing repairs, and materials for volunteer repairs to get our vital Bronx Life-House back in action!   Give please to help us restore our critically needed house in the Bronx, NY
Open walls above kitchen sink are a major eyesore. Help!
The Bronx LifeHouse has housed literally hundreds of  interns in the past 10 years, and their home is in a shambles thanks to the recent "Bomb Cyclone" that froze our pipes and cost me $4,500 in emergency plumbing repairs already! I need to recover that and spend on the these major patches, and while seeking free labor I need to buy materials so I am looking at close to $5,200 needed at least!
Girls bathroom sink. is gutted! Help me get it back in action ASAP!
I have pro-life intern candidates ready to move in as soon as I get these repairs made.  Please act!
Can you please send me immediate help with a large or small gift right now? God bless you, and keep you.
Yours for Life,

Chris Slattery, founder and Director of Expectant Mother Care-EMCFrontLine Pregnancy Centers