Monday, July 8, 2019

Spirit and Life: Standing Fast in the Philippines


Fr. Paul Marx, HLI founder called the “apostle of Life” by Pope JP II

I am often asked why I travel to the Philippines so often, my most recent trip being my thirteenth. The answer is provided by Father Paul Marx, OSB, who said, “If the Philippines falls to the Culture of Death, we have lost.”

The Philippines, with a population of nearly 110 million, is one of the last bastions of Catholicism in the world, with eighty-three percent being Catholic. In 2021 it will celebrate 500 years of Catholicism. Ten million Filipinos live outside their homeland, influencing cultures and societies around the world. This is a rich and vibrant culture whose identity is synonymous with its Catholic faith; however, “new” influences and values are being introduced with a radically different message and agenda.

In 2012, the country’s legislature passed the so-called Reproductive Health Bill (RH-Bill) after a lengthy 14-year battle. The law, which was heavily supported by wealthy Western-funded NGOs, mandates government-funded contraception and sex-education. Due to its highly controversial nature...
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