Thursday, June 14, 2012

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Thursday, June 14, 2012
Millions of tax dollars for Planned
Parenthood public school malevolence
By Rita Diller
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According to a June 5 CBS report, Planned Parenthood has set up offices inside a public high school in a minority neighborhood in Los Angeles that has a notoriously high teen pregnancy rate. Planned Parenthood, of course, claims it is there to lower the teen pregnancy rate. 

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Live Action

Live Action released new undercover footage showing two Planned Parenthood clinics, in Maui and Honolulu, advising a woman how best to procure a sex-selective abortion of her baby girl because she wants a boy instead. Planned Parenthood claims publicly to condemn sex-selective abortion but continues to provide the service. "If that's, you know, if that's what you wanna base your decision on-really-it's up to you," assures the Maui Planned Parenthood counselor, Leslie Watson, when a purportedly pregnant woman explains she wants an abortion because of the sex of the baby. Watson counsels the woman to be certain about the sex of her unborn child before going through with an abortion, telling her to seek an ultrasound from an OB/GYN and not to worry if they might judge a sex-selective abortion.  

Life News

The Church has always rejected surrogacy and for very good reason. It objectifies both the woman whose womb has been rented and the child for whom a contract has been made for delivery. Nowhere is this arrangement more exploitive than when rich westerners go to places like India and get a uterus on the cheap. Not only are the embryos sometimes shipped by FedEx overseas to be transferred to a woman the parents have never actually met, but the dangers to the surrogate are substantial. Because she is usually poor and "working" to help support her family by renting out her body, the contract she signs often places the health and well-being of the child above her own, something that would not happen with a Western surrogate.