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Dr. Angela Lanfranchi is an expert on the perils of the pill. Her first patient was a young woman who had a stroke because of pill usage and as a result was hemiplegic (paralyzed on one side of her body). Now a breast surgeon, Dr. Lanfranchi spends her days operating on cancerous breasts. Many of her patients have been duped by Planned Parenthood and its cohorts into believing that the birth control pill is the ultimate good, and that any risks that accompany it are so small as to be inconsequential.

In her June 2 presentation at ALL's national symposium on the pill, she outlined the four major mechanisms by which the pill kills women, showing them to be anything but inconsequential: (1) The pill causes blood clots which can result in heart attack, stroke, or fatal pulmonary embolism; (2) the pill causes cancer; (3) the pill makes it easier to get potentially lethal infections; and (4) the pill makes it more likely users will die violent death. Read more here.

God Bless,
Jerry Novotny, OMI

(The Difference is LIFE) "Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead. Tradition refuses to submit to the small and arrogant oligarchy of those who merely happen to be walking about. All democrats object to men being disqualified by the accident of their birth; tradition objects to their being disqualified by the accident of death. Democracy tells us not to neglect a good man's opinion, even if he is our groom; tradition tells us not to neglect a good man's opinion, even if he is our father." - G.K. Chesterton

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**************************************** Newsletter #581
June 24, 2012



1. A New Look at Living Wills
2. UK woman fired for sharing abortion views with co-workers sues
3. The bureaucrat's crusade
4. Bill banning ‘sex-selective abortions' fails in the House
5. Church Is Still Not State
6. Liberty's Beating Heart
7. Divorce Dilemma
8. Bishops' Committee For Defense Of Marriage Disappointed Over DOMA Ruling
9. Planting the Modesty Seed in our Children
10. 5 Questions Before You Leave the Catholic Church
11. One Man's Story
12. Gay dads spend $100,000 to ensure next child is a girl.

(Focus on Asia): "An exceptional man: Vietnamese man adopts unwanted children to save them from abortion" -  Tong Phuoc Phuc is an exceptional man, with an exceptional way of dealing with the rampant abortion rate in Vietnam: He adopts the unwanted children.


ITEM #1: A New Look at Living Wills

Comment: The basic problem is this quote: "The hardest choices center on when quality of life will be so diminished that death is preferable." The real issue is about causing or hastening death not what predicted quality of life is "good enough" to continue basic medical care or treatment. It's this attitude that so many doctors and nurses as well as the public have adopted that is so dangerous, especially to people with existing disabilities.There is already talk in ethics circles about having a "no feeding tubes" default policy with the so-called "vegetative state" rather than have the family decide. Not surprising since polls show a vast majority of people say they would not want feeding tubes if they were in a "vegetative" state. Attitudes and biases can have lethal consequences in ethics. Also, it's a shame that futility policies weren't even mentioned. People are not as in control of their death as articles like this would lead them to believe. I've seen many families where doctors and ethics committees tried to intimidate them into refusing or withdrawing treatment. Ironically, most of the families who decided to continue treatment saw their loved ones improve or even recover - like the writer of this article. I have also seen that that even when a loved one didn't survive, families usually said they gained comfort from knowing that that doctors and nurses tried hard to give their loved ones at least a chance. -Nancy Valko, RN.


ITEM #2: UK woman fired for sharing abortion views with co-workers sues

A British Christian mental health worker who was fired for “gross professional misconduct” after discussing with colleagues the mental health problems faced by women who have had abortions, launched a human rights lawsuit against her former employer at England's High Court on May 28.


ITEM #3: The bureaucrat's crusade

The government isn't content to oppose bullying. It wants to change Catholic teachings.


ITEM #4: Bill banning ‘sex-selective abortions' fails in the House

A measure to ban abortions based on the sex of a child failed Thursday to earn enough support in the House, and abortion opponents said they plan to use the vote to paint Democrats as disingenuously supporting women's rights because they voted against a bill protecting unborn baby girls.


ITEM #5: Church Is Still Not State

In this framework, the focus of ethics is not on laws, but on moving from man's current condition to human flourishing - or, as a Catholic might say, on moving from man's fallen state to his perfection.


ITEM #6: Liberty's Beating Heart

I turned on my television Thursday morning and heard a beating heart. It was the beautiful, vulnerable sound of an unborn baby's still-developing heart, transmitted by ultrasound. It was quite the paradox that later that same day, the House of Representatives voted down a bill to prohibit sex-selective abortion.


ITEM #7 Divorce Dilemma

The biggest threat to marriage today is fear of its dissolution.


ITEM #8: Bishops' Committee For Defense Of Marriage Disappointed Over DOMA Ruling

"Marriage, the union of one man and one woman, is the cornerstone of society," Bishop Cordileone said. "It is also the foundation of a just society, as it protects the most vulnerable segment of the population, children. Every child longs for and deserves a mother and a father, and marriage is the only institution that insures that children grow up knowing and being known by their mother and father. The public good demands that this truth of marriage be respected in law and society, not rejected."


ITEM #9: Planting the Modesty Seed in our Children

Chastity is a delicate flower that needs to be protected from early childhood.


ITEM #10: 5 Questions Before You Leave the Catholic Church

Though the individual members of the Catholic Church have made plenty of mistakes, sometimes gravely serious ones, its doctrines have always been a bulwark that protects human life. To a healthy American adult this may seem like an insignificant concept, since the only life that is devalued in our time and place is that of the severely disabled, the unborn, and others who literally do not have a voice. But that could change. The zeitgeist could shift, just as it did in Europe in the 1930s, and new groups of people may suddenly be seen as inconvenient and expendable. And one day the life that the Catholic Church stands up for may be your own.


ITEM #11: One Man's Story

The author of this story wanted to share his personal experience with abortion. He and his wife recently celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary. They have three other children now, and have been involved as a couple with various pro-life and post-abortion activities for many years.
... My wife and I had been married for about two years when we conceived our first child. We had been having some serious difficulties in our marriage (I'd recently had an affair with one of her good friends), and we were attempting to put our shattered marriage back together. But things were still extremely rocky between us.


ITEM #12: Gay dads spend $100,000 to ensure next child is a girl

Gay Dads: Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow, from Essex, England already have five kids via egg donors and surrogates - 4 boys and a girl. But the millionaire dads want more! They have now spent over $100,000 to ensure their next child is a girl. As reported in Britain’s Daily Mail, the couple flew to California to use IVF treatment to ensure the baby’s sex. (The treatment is not legal in Britain.) The couple used their sperm to fertilize three eggs, all of which are being carried by a surrogate mother. With the expensive and uncommon IVF treatment, the probability is high that one if not all of the triplets will be female.



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2. PRAY DAILY: for the courage to be God's presence in society and to strongly support those who are deemed "unworthy of life". "If My people who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14

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