Monday, June 25, 2012

ALL Pro-Life Today Report 6/25/2012

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Monday, June 25, 2012
American Life League takes a bite out
of the Big Apple in pro-life tour
By Rey Flores
ALL's year-long tour of the country to meet, recognize, thank, and provide support to many of the pro-life organizations that make up the Associate program continues! Rey Flores has repeatedly remarked that he is meeting many fantastic people who are saving lives and saving souls through their hard work and perseverance. In his most recent leg of the trek, Rey visited with pro-life warriors in New York City and New Jersey and reported the following: 

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Pro-Life Wisconsin

Pro-Life Wisconsin [an American Life League Associate group] has unveiled a brand new crisis pregnancy website. The website,, is designed primarily to be used by those with smartphones (iPhone or an Android operating system, for example). It is also accessible by computer. The website utilizes a mapping feature to list nearby crisis pregnancy centers, along with the harms of abortion and fetal development information. There are endless opportunities for this new website----sidewalk counselors can use it to find and locate a nearby crisis pregnancy center, students in class can use it to discuss the harms of abortion or counsel an abortion-minded friend.  

Kansas doctor unapologetic after board revokes license amid debate over abortion referrals
The Washington Post
A Kansas doctor remained unapologetic Friday after state regulators revoked her medical license over allegations that she performed inadequate mental health exams on young patients she then referred to Dr. George Tiller for late-term abortions. Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus and other abortion-rights supporters described the action against her by the State Board of Healing Arts as part of ongoing efforts to limit access to abortion that also shadowed Tiller before his murder in 2009 by a man professing strong anti-abortion views. Neuhaus immediately said she would ask the state's courts to overturn the board's decision.  

World Health Organization publishes manual on best ways to kill unborn babies
The World Health Organization (WHO) has released a guide detailing the most effective ways to kill unborn children, with different methods at various stages of the unborn child's development. The document is the second edition of "Safe abortion: technical and policy guidance for health systems" which was originally published in 2003. . . . The guidelines include four main topics: estimates on unsafe abortion worldwide, the latest clinical recommendations to perform abortions, recommendations for "scaling up" services, and advice on policymaking and legislation. The last of the four areas is not one usually found in medical advice documents, but WHO stresses the application of a "human rights framework" to advance pro-abortion policymaking and legislation----especially for young women.