Friday, April 20, 2007

61 Chinese Women Undergo Forced Abortion in 2 Days at Youjiang Hospital

After aid organization publicizes atrocities, security officers surround hospital wing

By Meg Jalsevac

GUANGXI, CHINA, April 20, 2007 ( – Over the course of 24 hours on April 17 and 18, at least 61 mothers were forced to undergo the murder of their unborn baby at the order of China's infamous Population and Family Planning Commission according to a report by the China Aid Association (CAA). The involuntary abortions were part of a forced abortion campaign currently taking place in the Chinese province of Guangxi.

China's population policy allows couples to bear one child and only permits a second if the first child is a girl or is handicap.

Despite the China's government assurance that they do not condone such forceful policies and campaigns, coerced abortion and sterilization are not uncommon in the communist nation, especially in certain rural areas. Bowing to international pressure in 2002, China claims that violence and coercion is no longer used to implement their family planning policies; the new law states that only financial "incentives" such as monetary fines of up to a year's wages, can be used to induce compliance.

However, as previously reported in, Time Magazine published a report in 2005 describing a similar abortion campaign in the Shadong Province as "one of the most brutal sterilization campaigns of recent years." The Time report went on to describe, in detail, the killing of a full-term baby against the will of her mother.

Amnesty International also released a report in 2005 stating, "Serious violations against women and girls continued to be reported as a result of the enforcement of the family planning policy, including forced abortions and sterilizations."

The recent atrocities in Guangxi were reported to CAA by eye-witnesses. The witnesses explained that throughout the course of the day on April 17, officials from the office of Population and Family Planning Commission dragged 41 pregnant women to the Youjiang District People's Hospital of Baise City to undergo coerced abortions. The witnesses further reported that at least 20 pregnant women were forced to the same hospital the next day to undergo similar procedures.

One of the women, Ms. Linrong Wei, the wife of a Christian pastor, was 7 months pregnant with a baby that was conceived 'accidentally'. Once at the hospital, Ms. Wei was administered an injection to induce delivery followed by two more injections to kill the child. According to CAA's sources, Ms. Wei gave birth early the next morning to a dead little boy.

Two beds down, Ms. He Caigan was nine months pregnant and had also been dragged into the hospital against her will. Hospital personnel injected her full-term baby's head and 20 minutes later her baby stopped moving inside her and died.

A Church leader who was able to visit the women told CAA that the so-called "illegal pregnant women" were forced to wait for the injection by lying in a bed in the hospital hallway.

Family planning officials informed the women's families that the babies would be delivered and would most likely die within 24 hours of birth. Faithful across the city were praying that the babies born alive would be removed from the hospital before officials had the opportunity to kill them.

After CAA released the details of the atrocities taking place in the Guangxi province hospital, witnesses said that Public Security Bureau officers were dispatched to surround and secure the hospital.

CAA also reported that a pregnant woman in the Shadong Province is similarly experiencing intense pressure from Family Planning officials to abort her unborn child.

Established in 2002, CAA is a non-profit organization which, according to its website, was founded "with a mission to explore the truth, to tell the truth and to preserve the truth on the issue of religious freedom in China, particularly focusing on the fate of the unofficial church."

CAA is urging individuals in the international community to protest these happenings through letters and phone calls to:

Chairman Wei Qing Zhang, National Population and Family Planning Commission of China
Hotline for complaints: +86-10-8250492

Phone line to report criminal activities of family planning officials: +86-10-82504933
Address: No. 14, Zhichun Lu
Haidian District, Beijing, PRC 100008

Youjiang District People's Hospital:
Tel: +86-776-2839393; 2697723(office)

Party Secretary of Guangxi Province: Mr. Liu Qibao
Tel: +86-771-5883508

Governor of Guangxi Province: Mr. Bing Lu
Tel: +86-771-2807778

Party Secretary of Baise City Mr. Liang Chunlu
Tel: +86-776-2834089
Address: No. 13 Xiangyang Street,
Baise city, Guangxi, CHINA

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