Wednesday, May 30, 2007 NewsBytes

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To what lengths should doctors go to save a life near its inevitable end?

The Pope on Abortion, Politicians and Communion - George Weigel

Abortions in West Virginia Fall by 14 Percent

Stigmatize Planned Parenthood - Kathryn Jean Lopez

China's one-child policy in the balance

California firm sponsors national campaign to preserve umbilical cord blood

Outcry over Dutch TV kidney competition - terminally ill woman selects one of three patients to receive her kidneys

Newspaper to city: Quit attacking pro-lifers

'We must fine you because you're a Christian' - Convert loses family, home, crops in Hindu crackdown

India: police arrest 4,000 Christians at protest rally

A Final Appeal: Save Christian Iraq

Canada Catholics 'ordain' women

Scotland's Druids, heathens, shamans and witches welcomed at school that banned Bible

The real hate speech comes from gay activists

Living wills: another political battle for Italian bishops

Are libraries becoming unfriendly to families? In many locations, the answer is, "yes."

Why feminists don't speak for me

A New Woman in Combat. Not!!

Demands mount for Canada's increasingly politicized judges to become more accountable =article&article_id=2515

Grassroots Coalition of Concerned Citizens Says Conservative Party Not right enough

Look to Europe - Immigration lessons from across the pond

University OKs pagan festival, bans Christian event

Convert loses family, home, crops in Hindu crackdown

Alabama removes Web site listing gay rights, anti-war and anti-abortion groups as possible terrorists

'No religious freedom for China Catholics says cardinal

23% Agree with Pope on Denying Communion to Pro-Choice Politicians

"In Cordibus Jesu et Mariae"