Thursday, April 6, 2017

From CMMB: Kiama has fallen into the water!

Dear Friends
Can you imagine losing a child or grandchild for a drink of water? That's what happened to Christine in rural Kenya:
"Every day, we walk for hours to water holes to collect water. They are open and dangerous. My six-year-old son Kiama and his friends walked to the water hole because they were thirsty. Kiama knelt at the edge and leaned down to get a drink - that's when he fell. Kiama's friends tried to help, but no one knew how to swim and the stone was slippery. My son couldn't climb out. The children ran for a mile to get help. I heard my neighbor say, "A child has fallen into the water hole and drowned." We all ran, but it was too late. The body floating in the water was my son. He was dead."
The poorest women and children - like Christine and Kiama - pay a terrible price for something we too often take for granted. Water. Today, there are over 663-million people living without access to safe water. People who spend hours walking to and waiting at distant water sources. People coping with illness because the only water they have is contaminated. With your support, we're working to change this reality for the most vulnerable. Together we can:​
  • Renovate existing water holes to address access and safety
  • Install hand pumps to make water collection easier and faster
  • Distribute water purification tablets to fight diarrhea and water-borne illness
Christine asked us to share her story, hoping that something good can come from the tragedy of her son's death:
"When I see Kiama's friends growing up, I wonder what he would be like today. I feel guilty because I didn't save my son, and because he died for a drink of water. Something like this should never happen again."
During Lent, we're reminded that an essential element of our faith is a commitment to defend the rights of poor. Mothers like Christine are counting on compassionate people like you.
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