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Sometimes a name really is revealing.
The United Nations Population Fund, or UNFPA, is one organization whose name says a great deal about its true concern. It was, well, born during the overpopulation panic codified in the publication of Paul Ehrlich's "The Population Bomb" in the late 1960s, but before the widespread abuses of population control became public. Like the abortion- and contraception-pushing Population Services International (1970), and the older eugenics-based Population Council, which was started by the Rockefellers in 1952, the UNFPA's original concern was not with development, health, or women's empowerment, but with reversing the unchecked growth of world population.
The population control industry went through what might now be called a "rebranding" in the 1990s. There was a series of conferences hosted by the United Nations and its partners in Rio de Janiero (1992), Vienna (1993), Cairo (1994), and Beijing (1995), that recast population control in terms of "sustainable development" (Rio), "human rights" (Vienna), "reproductive health" (Cairo) and "women's and 'girl-child' equality" (Beijing). We are not convinced that it was a coincidence that these moves followed the declassification of NSSM-200, the Nixon Administration's national security memorandum saying that it was in the United States' security interests to suppress the populations of poor countries in order to have access to their natural resources. Also trickling out in the news were reports of China's widespread abuses of coercive population control.
Overpopulation panic had many ripple effects, including the reshaping of US foreign policy into making population control a priority.
And it is still a top priority of US foreign policy. The declassified NSSM-200 document is still published on the USAID web site to this day, and it is beyond obvious that its recommendations to use NGOs to implement population control in order to avoid charges of "imperialism" were implemented. The abuses that followed the embrace of the depopulation mindset are also well known. 1974, the year NSSM-200 was written and classified, was not coincidentally the year of the first UN World Population Conference in Bucharest.
The irony of the UN's 1995 conference focusing on the rights of women and girls being held in Beijing was particularly demonic: China's one-child policy was already leading to forced abortion and sterilization of women, and to girls being systematically killed in the womb since parents-forced to have one child-chose to have boys due to cultural norms. This ongoing crime against humanity has led to gendercide on a massive scale, and a huge imbalance between boys and girls in China, even as the UNFPA and others for whom "population" is still the primary concern continue to celebrate China's population policies. Last year the one-child policy became the two-child policy, yet it is still coercive and still celebrated by the elite as a triumph of "reproductive health" and "sustainable development."
This is why every Christian and women's rights activist should celebrate the Trump Administration's decision this week to remove funding from the UNFPA. Though the UNFPA still protests in carefully worded statements that it doesn't promote abortion, it does pass tens of millions annually to abortion providers like Marie Stopes International, and it still refuses to condemn China's coercive policies even as it continues its own "sexual and reproductive health" practices in China.


Sincerely yours in Christ,  
Father Shenan J. Boquet
President, Human Life International
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One title that is not often discussed in theological literature or heard from the pulpit is the notion that was used to describe the identity of all Christians, lay and clerical, namely, "soldiers of Christ." Perhaps this demise is due to the reality of killing in warfare as well as unjustly waged wars. However, a soldier is really someone interested in promoting peace in defense of the common good of his nation. Notwithstanding, scattered throughout the New Testament is the notion that the follower of Christ battles against the world, flesh, and especially the devil, in order to keep his relationship with Christ by growing in virtue. - continue -   
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