Thursday, April 13, 2017

Their first Easter

Dear Deacon John,
We are still gathering reports ... but you should know that because of you, hundreds of babies in the womb who were scheduled to be aborted will have their first Easter on Sunday.
This weekend, those moms will not be trying to cope with their recent abortions. Instead, they will be grateful you were there for them.
As we enter the weekend that changed the world, I'm reminded of the famous words of Fulton Sheen: "The Christian philosophy of life is first the fast, then the feast. First Good Friday, then Easter Sunday. First the cross, then the empty tomb."
We saw an increase in persecution at many of the 40 Days for Life vigils, but we also saw amazing results that we will share over the next few weeks.
Our Lord promises persecution when we follow Him -- and He gives us His own life as the example of how to handle it. As a result, 40 Days for Life can be an exercise in giving more of ourselves ... and giving our comfort over to God.
A large cross that many communities have to endure is Planned Parenthood. When it comes to abortion, Planned Parenthood does not discriminate. They will abort any baby ... for any reason ... at any point they can.
We share and document specific examples in this week's special edition of the 40 Days for Life podcast -- "Planned Parenthood doesn't discriminate." You can listen at:
Frankly, it's a bit depressing -- but these are things you need to know. And it points out why Planned Parenthood should not be funded with your tax dollars.
Defunding Planned Parenthood is just one of the topics we'll touch on in an exclusive webcast we're hosting later this month -- more about that later.
The tomb was indeed empty on Easter Sunday ... and that reality is where we pin our hope. Christ's victory over death is what is ending abortion around the world -- and I want to thank you for being his hands and feet.
Happy Easter ... and may God greatly bless you and your family!
For life,
Shawn Carney
President, 40 Days for Life
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