Sunday, February 11, 2007



D. The courts ruling on "viable, meaningful" life is dangerous and can lead to many abuses.
The unborn child is viable only when it is "capable of meaningful life outside of its mother's womb.
1. No justification for this line that is drawn between unborn and born being non-human and human. All medical evidence is ignored.

2. Viable and meaningful are not defined.

3. Because of the above it is entirely legally possible to understand "meaningful" in many different ways. It may be defined as a certain mental capacity, physical dimensions or on the whim of the parents or some other groups who decide what is and is not meaningful life. We can LEGALLY define life not to meaningful until one year old, or ten or twenty-one. If so we, as a society and as individuals, can rid ourselves of our "unwanted" in the same way as we do in abortion.

4. Remember the court DID NOT RULE ON WHEN LIFE BEGINS. It only stated that meaningful life deserves legal protections. The ramifications are obvious. Noted individuals (not kooks) are now advising the course of action to allow persons to be born and then select, after a time, who will live and who will not.

[to be continued]