Monday, January 26, 2015

Raped at 13, this Indiana girl chose life

Raped at 13, amazing Indiana girl chose life — an update

Ashley, now 15, is a freshman in high school and has adapted to her new role as student and young mother. After the birth of Aiden, Ashley returned to school, and much to her shock, discovered that the boy who was convicted of raping her was allowed to attend the same school.

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The best photos and signs from the 2015 pro-life marches

The 2015 March for Life and Walk for Life have ended, with hundreds of thousands across the country marching. Here are some of the best signs and shots we found on the web.

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God spoke to her while on a run, and now she runs to save lives

The idea came to Heidi Boos on a day just like any other. Having recently attended her Oregon church’s Sanctity of Human Life Service, she was troubled by the lost lives of babies killed through abortion.

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5 things you didn't know about Roe v Wade

As one of the most famous cases in United States history, Roe v Wade is perhaps one of the least understood. As a result, the U.S. Supreme Court single-handedly  sanctioned the killing of 57 million preborn children through abortions decades following the decision on January 22, 1973

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United Methodist Church leader mocks March for Life, UMC issues response statement

Bill Mefford, Director of Civil and Human Rights at the UMC’s Washington office, used the March for Life last week to mock the event with a sign, and picture he posted on Twitter, saying “I march for sandwiches.” Many are upset a church leader used a solemn event to liken an unborn baby to a sandwich.

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Bill Nye: Embryology science denier

Our friends at Secular Pro-Life have an excerpt (with further quotes from Google Books) in which the Science Guy finally addresses the unborn…and, when given a chance to prove he really is an objective champion of science, sides with denialism instead.

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Meet Andi DuPre, winner of Live Action’s March for Life contest

Andi DuPre, the winner of Live Action’s March for Life contest, has always been strong in her pro-life convictions. It’s what led her to join FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) as a missionary volunteering weekly at a Pregnancy Care Center, and it’s also what led her to the March for Life not once, but several times.

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Scheduled by her boyfriend to abort at Planned Parenthood, this young woman chose life

One day I just knew I was pregnant and I told Darren I needed a test. We went to Target, and I went into the bathroom there and saw the positive test sign. Thoughts started swarming in my head and my heart. What would I do?

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Is “personally pro-life” good enough?

A couple years ago, I wrote about why “there is no such thing as ‘personally pro-life.‘” But even beyond the question of whether it’s possible to be “personally pro-life,” there’s the question of whether it’s good enough.  Even if we could be “personally pro-life,” would it matter?

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