Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Science Makes a Case for God and Respect for Life BY FR. GORDON J. MACRAE

If you ever wonder about the mysteries of the Cosmos, one of them now seems to be a case for the sanctity of life. As the 2015 March for Life gets underway this week, please, help us share "Science Makes A Case for God and Respect of Life."

Science Makes a Case for God and Respect for Life s
New insights in cosmology, astronomy, and physics narrow a gap between science and faith, and support a case for a created Universe and the extreme rarity of life.

"It seems no coincidence that just as science proclaimed the unfounded belief that this Universe is teeming with life like us, human life on Earth was deemed expendable in 1973. In this week as people of faith march for life as a gesture of respect for life’s sanctity and God’s creation, science itself is ever more clearly on board with that gesture. The sheer mathematical and scientific odds against life are overwhelming, yet here we are. All evidence in this vast Cosmos points to one truth. Life is sacred."

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