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Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin. Newsletter 1/7/2017 - "Our Lady of America closes abortion clinics!"

Newsletter 1.7.2017

"Our Lady of America closes abortion clinics!" 

This month our nation will have endured for 44 years the scourge of abortion on demand.  Many, many great people, past and present, have fought tirelessly to overturn this law.  And still countless others have counseled, supported and worked to present a better option – the option for life.  There are hundreds of thousands of children who have been saved by their efforts. It is these warriors, these children and their parents that we must continue supporting in prayer and in deed.
In January, 2008 I posted a blog entry titled “Responding to Our Lady of America is the end of abortion in America!”   There I posted some thoughts of Our Lady of America’s pivotal role in ending abortion in our country.  The end of abortion would start in Indiana, because here is where Our Lady of America first appeared in 1956.  If we were to respond to her message of purity, there would simply be no need for abortion. 
Recently, I got this absolutely stunning email from an avid supporter of the devotion and pro-life warrior from Dallas, TX.   Here is an excerpt:
p.s. I realized the other day that every abortion clinic where an image of Our Lady of America of the Immaculate Conception was posted/brought/venerated as of 2007 is either demolished (Aaron's, Fairmont, Robinson's, Routh) OR are no longer doing abortions (NorthPark, PP-Greenville). Milissa {redacted} and Antoinette {redacted} got one of the OLO-A pilgrimage images here (2009?) and Our Lady of America was taken to each of those facilities (Aaron's was already gone... SW didn't yet exist) and others brought OLO-A Prayer/Holy Cards too... plus an OLO-A banner one time at Robinson's.  Antoinette prophetically said, "Our Lady of America closes abortion clinics!"   Well... Our Blessed Mother has done that... and looks like St. Gianna is doing some powerful work along side her. :))  
Wow! Our Lady of America is working to save her children!  She wants us to call upon her to do more.  In order to do more, she needs our prayerful invocation of her majestic power as Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin.  She needs our prayers of petition, our trust in her divinely given mission and our pleadings to intercede with her Son.  With this she will change the face of the earth.
Through the generosity of a benefactor we are making 25 banners of Our Lady of America (image left) available free of charge to be used in the pro-life movement.  These banners are 2x3.5 ft, are easy to carry and waterproof.  We need to invoke her intercession at abortion clinics across the country and in pro-life marches and rallies.  Additionally, we have free prayer cards to go along with these banners. 
Place your order here.   Take Our Lady to the front lines and invoke her intercession. She will continue to respond.
"By thy Holy and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, deliver us from evil."  - Our Lady of America, Nov 15, 1956
Did you know that the messages of Our Lady of America are available for free download? 
"By thy Holy and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, deliver us from evil"
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