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over 1 billion babies were murdered through the crime of abortion.

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An exhaustive report published Wednesday by Global Life Campaign demonstrates that during the last century in 100 countries, over 1 billion babies were murdered through the crime of abortion. It is truly impossible to fathom: one eighth of the world's population is missing.
Yet for those supportive of population control this is welcome news. Regardless of global impact upon societies and cultures, proponents of the Culture of Death, with indiscriminate adherence to their agenda, march onward blindly ignoring the social, cultural, spiritual and economic consequences of the silent genocide. If this trend continues, by the end of this century, not one country will be above replacement level. This is, of course, the ultimate goal of the many in the UN and its allies in the anti-life movement.

There are already visible signs that witness the ever encroaching demographic winter. Each year because of the anti-life mentality, which includes high abortion rates, there are 500,000 fewer Japanese, 500,000 fewer Russians, and 1 million fewer Europeans. Because of abortion and an anti-life mentality, whether imposed or self-inflicted, Europeans are rapidly fading...the median age in Europe is 55 as compared to Africa, where the median age is 20 - hence the aggressive attack against Africans who love family and life, a potential threat to so-called developed countries.
How do we transform culture, minds and hearts?
The truth about the dignity of human life and natural family requires a radical change of direction on political, cultural, legal and religious levels. The overall well-being of individuals, communities and societies depends on how we on each of these levels respect, defend and uphold the dignity of life and family. This is what leads to the authentic progress of nations and peoples.
Sadly the attitude toward religious witness in the public square has been trivialized by many, relegating faith and its daily practice to a private hobby. The reshaping of culture is not without discomfort or inconvenience. The societal and cultural transformation required will demand conviction, as well as courageous fervor, to stand up for our religious convictions - no matter the cost - and let our voices be heard, being neither content to remain silent or limit our convictions to simple platitudes. The proponents of the Culture of Death have been extremely successful because most Christians conveniently divorce their life in Christ from everyday life, resulting in a failure of integrity, and really, of faith. Thus we become indifferent toward or silent about life and family issues - frightened of the demand life in Christ will require. We should take heed of the challenge given by the Second Vatican Council fathers:
Christians, as citizens of two cities, to strive to discharge their earthly duties conscientiously and in response to the Gospel spirit. They are mistaken who, knowing that we have here no abiding city but seek one which is to come, think that they may therefore shirk their earthly responsibilities. For they are forgetting that by the faith itself they are more obliged than ever to measure up to these duties, each according to his proper vocation. Nor, on the contrary, are they any less wide of the mark who think that religion consists in acts of worship alone and in the discharge of certain moral obligations, and who imagine they can plunge themselves into earthly affairs in such a way as to imply that these are altogether divorced from the religious life. This split between the faith which many profess and their daily lives deserves to be counted among the more serious errors of our age. . . . The Christian who neglects his temporal duties, neglects his duties toward his neighbor and even God, and jeopardizes his eternal salvation.(Gaudium et Spes, n. 43).
Still, there are signs of real hope and change.


Sincerely yours in Christ,  
Father Shenan J. Boquet
President, Human Life International
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FRC provides the background for the report: "The Abortion Worldwide Report is the first to systematically track reported abortions in 100 nations, territories and regions, from as early as 1920 through 2015. The Report contains 4,915 country years of data, major findings, country abortion graphs showing the impact of authorization, world maps, and a policy table for 196 nations. The principal authors are Wm. Robert Johnston, Ph.D., and Thomas W. Jacobson, M.A., who compiled the data and information in the Report over the last 32 and 14 years respectively." - continue -   
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