Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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Students for Life of America
Students for Life of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Deacon John,
For the past two days, I’ve been thinking about what to write you, how to exactly describe what happened last Saturday at the so-called "Women’s March” in Washington, and I apologize for my tardiness in writing to update you.
After the “Women’s March” ended, I took a red-eye flight to join the rest of our team out in San Francisco for our West Coast National Conference that we hosted this Sunday and then I took another red-eye home to Minnesota. And I’ve been on the phone with reporters ever since, talking to them about how we got our pro-life banners out in front of the entire march and how the marchers reacted to our presence.
Saturday was the largest crowd I’ve even been in, and it was scary for many of our students, especially to be standing in opposition to more than half a million people. But I’m so grateful you allowed us to be there.

We saw the horrific signs of pictures of Mary being turned into female genitalia. We saw young girls with their mothers holding up signs with curse words and more genitalia. We saw grown men scream at us and tear our “Abortion Betrays Women” signs right from our hands.

I saw the sadness of those women who saw our banners and signs, lightly nodded, and then looked down while the friend next to her screamed and cursed at us for betraying all woman-kind for being against abortion.

I saw the mother who, while pushing her child, shouted at me that she has to take care of a disabled daughter and asked, “what, do you want to take her?” I replied immediately, “yes,” only to have the mother and her husband use their children’s strollers to block our banners to try to stop us from leading the front of the march.

There is a whole new level of hurt and desperation in our nation.
And you and I need to be ready for it.
We need to be ready to help our neighbors and friends as they silently suffer from a past abortion decisions. We also have to be ready and willing to talk about where our hope comes from, that no matter what our political beliefs may be or who is President, we know that there is someone else ultimately in charge.
And we have to be ready to fight back, harder than ever before.

While women in other nations fight for the right to attend school, vote, or simply marry the husband of their choice, a sizable group of women in our nation have decided that wearing pink p*ssy hats and fighting for taxpayer funding of abortion and contraception is just as important.

And if Saturday’s protest showed us anything, it’s that they aren’t going to back down. They have never been more desperate.

And that makes them dangerous. Planned Parenthood and their allies are willing to do anything and everything they can to prevent the federal defunding of Planned Parenthood and passage of pro-life legislation that will save hundreds of thousands of lives.

Deacon John, I’m so grateful that you allowed our team to be there this past Saturday to plant the seeds of truth in the minds of the marchers and to be a peaceful, loving witness for the preborn girls and boys who are killed each day.

But I hope you are ready to stand with us, now more than ever.

For Life,

Kristan Hawkins
President, Students for Life

P.S. - Below are some of the pictures and videos I promised to send you from Saturday:


Man ripping up one of our signs:
Our pro-life banners at the front of the March:


Getting our signs at the front of the March:

Meeting up with our students at the Supreme Court:

Standing in midst of the March:

Our Pregnant on Campus Coordinator, Beth, being interviewed by press:

Our Vice President, Tina, engaging in a conversation with a marcher:

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