Monday, August 27, 2018

Spirit & Life: The Beauty of Having Children


Last year Christian musician Nichole Nordeman shared a humorous but tragic anecdote. She described overhearing a couple at the airport on a video chat with their “baby” and the baby’s “grandparents.” The parents, she said, were clearly suffering separation anxiety. “They are cooing and gushing and exclaiming “well look at YOU, big boy! So big! So handsome!” she wrote. Then followed a “million questions” for “Nana” about the baby’s eating and bathroom habits, and toys.

“I’m literally crying into my latte because it’s so precious,” recounts Nordeman, “and I turn around to try and get a sneak peek at the baby on their FaceTime video.” It was a Labrador puppy!

According to The Washington Post, it’s not just our imaginations: younger couples really are consciously choosing to forego having children...

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