Monday, November 10, 2008


"This picture haunts me"

I received this today:


I used to be vehemently pro-choice, and as part of a religious conversion I became a bit more sympathetic to the pro-life point of view. It was your testimony about the facts of abortion on your website, however, that were a large part of me becoming absolutely unapologetically pro-life.

I've had a blog for a while and have shied away from talking about pro-life issues, but I often think of your fearless example and the amazing results it's had and have decided to being sharing my thoughts on the realities of the situation with my readers as well.

God bless you,


That was nice. And Jennifer's posts were excellent. The first explained why this picture haunted Jennifer:

nazis smiling.jpg

The video was haunting, too, particularly the end. (Click on the photo on Jennifer's site to view it.) Such smiling, happy, nice, normal looking people. Disassocation, I know it well.

Jennifer's second post began:

A little over a year ago, shortly after I converted to the pro-life position from being rabidly pro-choice, I started to come across pro-life writing in which abortion was compared to the Holocaust. I balked at such comparisons. The rhetorical strategy of comparing whoever you dislike to Hitler and any kind of oppression you disagree with to the Holocaust is as weak as it is offensive, and I didn't like to see pro-lifers stooping to that level.