Thursday, November 20, 2008 NewsBytes

LifeSiteNews NewsBytes For November 20, 2008

Compiled by Steve Jalsevac

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Last-minute Bush abortion ruling causes furor

"Scheme to cover up a fraud" - Federal court records show how Planned Parenthood over-billed government for millions -- and may get away with it

A Swedish feminist party says it will push for abortion to be considered a human right as it campaigns for a seat in the European Union parliament.

Kenyan Catholics Demonstrate Against Proposed Abortion Bill

Right to Die Lobby Already Wants to Expand newly passed Washington State Assisted Suicide Measure

Depression in Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia Patients

China's Gruesome Organ Harvest The whole world isn't watching. Why not?

Quebec's Liberal government to use taxpayer funds to pay for in vitro fertilization - This will cost the taxpayer $35 million for the first year

November election results should be a wake-up call that doing nothing also brings risks. The drumbeat for submission to the dominant, secular healthcare culture will only get louder in the years ahead.

Towards a coercive utopia - Some contemporary ethicists are updating eugenics.

Speaking Truth to Power: European Cases Presage Huge "Conscience Rights" Bioethics Fights to Come

Let's Do What is Right Regardless of What Governments Tell Us is Right and Wrong - Wesley Smith