Saturday, February 21, 2015

8 to 12 week preborn baby plays in mom’s womb

8 to 12 week preborn baby plays in mom’s womb

”He’s jumping! He looks like a frog.”

Those adorable comments were spoken by a young child watching a preborn baby on an ultrasound screen. In this video posted on YouTube, you can see this baby jump and move around in it’s mother’s womb. It’s a powerful image. So powerful in fact, that it currently has over 500,000 views.

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TAKE ACTION: Obama administration is forcing charities to provide abortions. Deadline for comments is Monday. Click here to read more. Click here to submit your comment to the U.S. government.

Couple adopts baby with Down syndrome, celebrates her first year

Last May, Live Action News featured a story on Sunflower Mae and the California couple who adopted her.  Andy and Mercedes Lara adopted Sunflower, who has Down Syndrome, three days after she was born, and chronicled their journey with Sunny on social media and Youtube.

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10 abortion myths that need to be debunked

At my pregnancy center I’ve had the pleasure of watching moms react to seeing their preborn children for the first time. Although I can’t share those beautiful pics with you, I can share some amazing preborn pics that are floating around the web. Here are five of my favorite womb selfies.

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The doctors said he would die, but baby Easton is a fighter

Like all first time moms, Danielle Orris was a bit nervous when she first discovered she was pregnant, but once she made the announcement to her family, she was nothing but excited. She made it through weeks of nausea, stocking up on baby items in eager anticipation, and at her 20-week ultrasound, she and fiancé Brenden DeJong learned they would be having a son.

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Obama admin tries to force Christian organizations to participate in abortions

The Obama administration is at it again.  This time, Christian relief organizations – and refugee children – are the target of the administration’s adamantly pro-abortion policies.

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Heartbroken father shares the pain of being helpless while two of his children were aborted

While the abortion debate usually centers around women, it’s important to remember that in many situations, there’s another person who is affected.  Some fathers are heartbroken, helpless to prevent the murder of their children, powerless to protect them.

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At the University of Victoria, women have the right to an abortion. The right to think for themselves? Apparently not.

The University of Victoria (“Uvic”) is among Canada’s top ranked academic institutions. It’s also known as a “progressive” environment where, according to one graduate, students learn “‘how to think’ rather than ‘what to think.’” Not everyone on campus agrees with this approach, however.

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Why abortion undermines natural law

When the forefathers wrote the Declaration of Independence, the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were explicitly assured. They referred to these rights as inalienable: neither person nor government can deny another of them, because they come from a natural law that’s ingrained in all human souls.

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Scandalous abortion clinic kills woman, stores frozen dinners with fetal tissue

About ten miles north of downtown Chicago lies Lincolnwood, a small village with a horrendous tale. In May, 2009, 18-year-old Antonesha Ross died after complications from an abortion at Larisa Rozansky’s Women’s Aid Clinic.

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Sam Martin’s “Song for My Unborn Son” inspired by his baby’s heartbeat

When songwriter Sam Martin saw his son’s heartbeat on an ultrasound, it was a life-defining moment.  “The lyric came right then — ‘I’m going to love you anyway,'” Martin, 32, told Mashable. “I almost started crying just singing it over and over again. … It was a spiritual experience.”

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People features a look inside Night to Shine: Tim Tebow’s prom night

On February 13, thanks to the Tim Tebow Foundation, people with special needs and disabilities all around the globe celebrated with their own night to remember. The Foundation sponsored its first annual Night to Shine “at host churches in 44 cities, 26 states and 3 countries.” Over 7,000 guests attended with over 15,000 volunteers ready to serve them.

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