Friday, February 27, 2015

From 40 Days For Life: DAY 10: A common thread

40 Days for Life
Dear Deacon John,
No matter where you go, 40 Days for Life looks like … 40 Days for Life!
With 252 locations in 19 countries to choose from, the surroundings may look different … and the prayers may sound different … but people the world over are united in prayer, fasting and courage.
One common thread runs through every campaign: It’s hard work. 40 Days for Life campaigns challenge us to love our neighbor more deeply – and that’s not always easy. 
Here are stories from three countries where that challenge is being met. 
Birmingham, England
Very good news from England … as already the Birmingham team reports three saves so far!
One couple told prayer volunteers they had a one-year-old and were worried they couldn’t cope with another child so soon. “They were going to have an abortion,” Isabel, the local leader said, “but now they had changed their minds.”
Another young couple agreed to go to the pregnancy help center … and they decided to keep their baby.
In the third instance, a young woman was inside the facility while her boyfriend waited outside. The prayer volunteers talked to him, Isabel said, “and he decided to go back inside and get his girlfriend out … and they went off all smiles and waves. God is blessing the hard work and prayers of so many people here!”
As the campaign started, Archbishop Bernard Longley led volunteers in prayer. “He ended with a beautiful blessing which extended to all those who would come and pray there during the 40 days,” Isabel said. “God is blessing the hard work and prayers of so many people here.”
Ljubljana, Slovenia
According to the team hosting the first-ever 40 Days for Life vigil in Slovenia’s capital city, their first campaign is going very well.
They’ve heard testimonies from mothers that have been joyful to listen to … and they’re getting positive attention from a number of passers-by, and having opportunities to talk with law enforcement officers and medical personnel. The vigil is taking place in front of the University Medical Center.
The leaders are inviting others in their community “to join us in prayer, fasting, and peaceful vigil to raise awareness. With God, all things are possible!
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Steve Karlen, our North American outreach director, helped the team in Calgary kick off their campaign.
“As is the case with many Canadian campaigns,” Steve said, “the situation in Calgary is challenging. Because of a court injunction, the vigil participants are required to stand across the street from the abortion center.”
The volunteers “were delighted to hear how the no-show rate for abortion appointment skyrockets when there are people praying in front of the building.”
This abortion facility is not clearly marked … so it isn’t always clear why there are people praying out on the sidewalks. “Nevertheless,” he said, “the campaign in Calgary knows of at least one baby saved through their efforts, which makes is all worth it for them. 
Today’s devotional is from Georgette Forney of Anglicans for Life.

Day 10 intention

May those who hold life as trivial realize that we live because God wills it so.


Who among all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this, in His hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.

— Job 12:9-10

Reflection by Georgette Forney

Job was a man acquainted with grief, trials and tribulation. He had everything taken from him, including his family. He endured sickness, ridicule and judgment from his friends.

Everyone gave him advice about his situation, questioning his spirituality and his God. Job's circumstances were bad but he never loses faith. Why? Because "the hand of the Lord has made all life." Created by God, he knows his life has meaning and purpose, regardless of the circumstances.

In our present culture, we've lost that basic truth; every life is made and allowed to live by God's sovereign authority. As people who pride ourselves on our independence, we have a hard time acknowledging our dependence on God.

From our creation, when we were knit together in our mother's womb to our last breath, God's word is clear that "in His hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind."

It's time for us as individuals, and as a society, to recognize that we exist by God's grace and turn back to Him, honoring His word and His teachings. Why? Because our world is full of Jobs, people who are dealing with trials and tribulations and hurting desperately.

Job's response should be ours as well. Regardless of what we face (even an unplanned pregnancy) God in His wisdom and mercy will redeem it.

How do I know? Job's friends who doubted God's sovereignty cry out to God asking for help, God instructs Job to pray for his friends and after he does, God restores all that Job had lost.

In other words, because Job never lost faith and knew and trusted His Creator, the Lord blessed Job.


Thank you Father God for being the Creator of my life and every life. Please give me, and the society in which I live, an appreciation for your gift of life.

Please help us set aside our pride and acknowledge that we need you. Show me how I can honor you today in response to all the blessings you bestow freely. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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For life,
 Shawn Carney
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