Monday, February 2, 2015

When Everything Changes (March for Life 2015)

Created Equal represented the victims of abortion via JumboTV screen at the 2015 National March for Life in Washington, DC. The next day, we received an email from a marcher:

"I attended the March For Life yesterday and was very disappointed in your presence there. Almost the entire March was a fun party. People were happy, singing, praying and then we had to walk by your large screen of graphic abortion images and everything changed. People got upset, grumbled amongst themselves, walked around the right of the street to avoid the screen ..."

Like the Priest and the Levite who avoided the victim on the road to Jericho, some marchers go out of their way "to pass by the other side" when abortion victims are displayed. Created Equal intentionally goes to the March for Life to change the mood to a serious contemplation of the injustice of child killing and call for the marchers to be broken-hearted over the babies.

Seeing the victims should alter the way we feel. And that is why we will continue to witness for the victims with the JumboTV screen. Because that’s when everything changes.