Tuesday, August 9, 2016

"She is my eyes"

Dear Friends,
Bridget and her brother Nyambe lost both their parents when they were very young. Their Grandma Belita has taken care of them ever since, even though she is completely blind. When talking about her granddaughter Bridget, she considers herself very blessed, saying “She is my eyes.”
Life is not easy in the poor community of Mwandi in Zambia. Plus, Grandma Belita doesn’t have an income. Extended family helps with water and food but Grandma Belita is heartbroken that she cannot give Bridget the one wish she wants most – to go to school.
Bridget saysI really want to go to school. I dream of becoming a teacher one day to make a difference in my community.”
For children like Bridget and Nyambe, getting enough clean water and food is an everyday struggle. While they long to go to school, the $75 it costs for each of them to go to school for the year is a luxury their family just can’t afford.
Many of our children and grandchildren are heading back to school this month. I’m sure that our wishes for our own sons and daughters and grandchildren are very similar to what Grandma Belita wishes for Bridget and Nyambe: I would be fulfilled if my grandchildren were educated and independent.”
Today, I humbly ask that you consider being an instrument of God’s love and mercy, andgive Bridget and Nyambe the opportunity to realize their grandmother’s wish.
I want to invest in children
In His grace,

President and CEO
CMMB – Healthier Lives Worldwide
P.S. When I hear of stories like that of Grandma Belita and her grandchildren, I am reminded of this passage from Proverbs, Chapter 1: “That people may know wisdom and discipline, may understand intelligent sayings; may receive instruction in wise conduct, in what is right, just and fair; that resourcefulness may be imparted to the naïve, knowledge and discretion to the young. The wise by hearing them will advance in learning, the intelligent will gain sound guidance, to comprehend proverb and byword, the words of the wise and their riddles.” From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your commitment to the poor. Your gift today is an investment in future generations.
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