Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bishop Burbidge Blesses New Mary's Shelter Homes and Office

May 9, 2017

bishop with Mark Doherty
Mary's Shelter Director Kathleen Wilson welcomes Bishop Burbidge, Father Mosimann, and Mark Doherty of MacDoc Property Management.

Board of Directors President Julian Malcolm welcomes our guests. Bishop Burbidge, Father Mosimann, Father Cummings, and Father Lundberg prepare to bless our new office and homes.

Bishop ribbon cutting
Bishop Burbidge cuts the ribbon with Kathleen Wilson.
Bishop Blessing
Bishop Burbidge prays for Mary's Shelter.
Bishop Blessing
Bishop Burbidge blesses our guests before moving inside to bless our new office.
Bishop with KW and Fr. Rooney
Kathleen Wilson shows Bishop Burbidge and Father Rooney the outdoor play area. 

Bishop with Baby
Bishop Burbidge meets baby Aizeck.

group photo
Bishop Burbidge poses for a picture with our residents on the porch of one of our new homes.

Bishop Burbidge meets Latresha, baby Shakeem, and Shantir.

Bishop with Staff
Bishop Burbidge blesses and poses with the staff and volunteers.
Read more about this beautiful day at Arlington Catholic Herald.
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