Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Supreme Court rejects challenge to gay-conversion-therapy ban - 02 May 2017

California Catholic Daily

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Supreme Court rejects challenge to gay-conversion-therapy ban: High court turns down appeal of California's prohibition on treatment aimed at turning youths under age 18 away from homosexuality

Donald Welch is the pastor at San Diego’s Evangelical Christian Skyline Church. (image from Skyline Church)

Grounds of Lamb of God maternity home. (photo from San Diego U-T)

  “This could ruin your relationship”: A save in the last week of April at Family Planning Associates in San Diego

McAllen, Texas, United States: A group of young woman and their children leave the Catholic Charities’ Center and head for the bus station where they’ll depart for various places in the US. [Photo via Newscom]

Catholic Charities of California gets additional funds to assist undocumented youth: Awarded $200,000 grant to conduct Medi-Cal outreach and enrollment assistance to undocumented youth and members of mixed-immigration-status households