Tuesday, October 3, 2017

From 40 Days For Life: DAY 7: "I wouldn’t care if it was 5 years old, I'm going to kill it"


God has used 40 Days for Life to help close 90 abortion facilities. Other facilities go away temporarily and either relocate or reopen later.
Sometimes, Planned Parenthood will leave town altogether, only to resurface years later -- like they did in Waco, Texas.
After seven 40 Days for Life vigils, the Planned Parenthood center closed its doors and left town in 2013. But just recently, Planned Parenthood came back to Waco, opening a large abortion facility there.
This Planned Parenthood business schedules abortions three days in a row, every other week, with an abortionist who flies in from the East Coast.
At the Waco kickoff, one of the Planned Parenthood clients said something startling to vigil participants that made the local paper.
Here’s the story.

Waco, Texas

The Waco kickoff event received strong coverage from the local media, featuring great comments about the 40 Days for Life mission from those attending the rally.
But it was a brief conversation recounted by a Waco Tribune-Herald reporter that quickly rippled through the crowd.
"Do you know this is abortion day?" a volunteer asked a woman who was entering the facility.
"Yes, I'm here to get one," the woman replied defiantly.
"I urge you to reconsider," the volunteer said. "A baby's heartbeat can be heard three weeks after conception."
"I wouldn't care if it was 5 years old. I'm going to kill it," she said.
Those who heard that were taken aback. The volunteer told the reporter that such an attitude is rare, that most Planned Parenthood clients have mixed emotions and simply don't know where to turn.
Planned Parenthood wouldn't talk to the reporter. As is their custom, they sent their usual written statement about intimidation and harassment of women – something that was utterly absent on the sidewalk in Waco.

El Paso, Texas and Santa Teresa, New Mexico

You usually don't think of rain when you think of West Texas and New Mexico … but that's how 40 Days for Life started for two campaigns that have decided to work together.
According to Mark Cavaliere of the Southwest Coalition for Life, the vigils in El Paso and Santa Teresa began their cooperative effort "united in prayer and precipitation."
The two locations are about 20 minutes apart, and they have more in common than just proximity.
"The two facilities belong to the same abortionist, who uses his second office in Santa Teresa to skirt abortion restrictions in Texas by taking advantage of the lack of restrictions in New Mexico," Mark explained.
"This will be the first time he's ever experienced this amount of coordinated peaceful prayer from both sides of the state line!"
Mark says it's making a difference already.
"A car pulled up to the Hilltop abortion center in El Paso and they opened their door to get out and enter the facility, only to see the peaceful loving witness of half a dozen volunteers just like you praying for them, some praying on their knees," he said.
After a moment, they simply got back in their car and left!
The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed.
—Luke 4:18-19
Lord, send us to the poorest, the most broken, the most captive, the most blind and the most oppressed in the world, the innocent pre-born children in their mother’s wombs that are scheduled for destruction. Help us to bring them healing, liberty, sight and justice through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.
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