Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Irish are coming! Training them to save lives all summer and fall...help!


Daring move to bring Irish here to train and return to Ireland! 

As you certainly have heard, Ireland, the last great hold out country in Europe chose poorly in a May 25th referendum, and will be tragically legalizing abortion very soon, and abortion could start there in January.

But to combat the abortion threat, in this once great Irish Catholic nation, I made a recent trip to recruit interns, to help expand alternatives to abortion there, and I built many good contacts. 

Already two Irish have joined us here, and another 5 Irish have plane tickets to New York City, to train alongside our NY staff, and to save lives later, back home in Ireland. Many more are making plans to come through November 2018!

Together on average, we can save two or three mothers a day, from a certain abortion, BUT we are desperate for funding to get through this coming summer of life-saving. Using Irish, Spanish and Americans together is going ti be very effective.

3 Babies
These wee ones are counting
 on you and me!

Your gifts of various amounts below, now, can help us fund:

$25 for a box of lab quality pregnancy tests
$35 for packets of 1st rate, pro-life/pro-abstinence brochures 
$50 for a new powerful life-saving DVD
$85 for @ ultrasound and STI/STD test
$50 for @ life-saving one-on-one consultation
$175/day for a nurse supervisor in each office
$200/week @  life-saving by US, Irish or Spanish interns this summer
$250/day for professional counselors who train and supervise interns
$300/day for advertising on Google
$400 office rent/day for 3 strategic locations close to or inside abortionists' buildings
                     Click the Botton below to give now please!

Would you help us to build up our summer war chest to keep our three expensive best-locations-in-NYC pregnancy centers open, to advertise them, and to outreach to many of the most abortion determined women in America?  

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To keep ultrasounds and life-saving going, while training and deploying outstanding counselors to each office and numerous abortion mills, takes serious funding..Combined with your personal prayer and sacrifice we are winning lives and souls every day!  Please remember our opponents are working very hard against us, and never tire. 

Yours for Life on the frontlines in NYC and Ireland, too!

Chris Slattery, Founder and President
Expectant Mother Care-EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers
P.O. Box 134, Bronx, NY 10470 
Chris@EMCFrontLine.org 212-213-4690

PS. It is vital we keep operations going in the summer of "18 as we have many new Irish, Spanish and American trainees to feed and house, and many new clients to serve on the frontlines of America's Abortion Capital. Please give today and help be a part of life-saving at the top levels in NYC and help bring life-saving to Ireland too!

Expectant Mother Care-EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers, P.O. Box 134, Bronx, NY 10470