Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Double Your Impact! We Have Matching Funds! Women's Rights Without Frontiers


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One of hundreds of babies saved by WRWF
We’ve got $10,000 in Matching Funds – Double Your Impact!
The last days of December are here, dark and short as ever. But there’s some good news, too.
In these last days before New Year's Eve, you've got a chance to make your charitable donation go twice as far. 
For every dollar we receive at Women's Rights Without Frontiers, a generous donor has agreed to match that dollar and make it two, for up to $10,000. We’re still far from that mark, and we need $40,000 to reach our goal for 2018.
We are a small organization with a big impact.  Will you help us?
Your gift will go a long way for victims of forced population control simply by helping us keep up the pressure through public advocacy. 
Or, donations can be marked for our Save a Girl Campaign and go straight to needy families in China, where $25 a month could help a mother stand up against often intense pressure to abort or abandon her baby girl.  These mothers and girls need our help!  Or you can direct the funds to Save a Widow from poverty and abandonment.
One of many destitute widows grateful for our Save a Widow Campaign.
If you’ve already given, Thank You.  If not, please remember, if you donate now, even a small gift will be doubled. 
We are a 501(c)(3) donor supported non-profit.  Your gift is tax-deductible under U.S. tax law.  And it’s doubled because of our $5,000 in matching funds!
Thank you. Your generosity is what keeps us going! 
Reggie Littlejohn
President, Women's Rights Without Frontiers


Your donation enables Women’s Rights Without Frontiers to continue to be a voice for the voiceless women and children of China. This huge effort comes at a cost. We need your support. Please give as generously as you can. Every donation makes a difference!


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