Wednesday, October 29, 2008


'The Truth About Obama': Shocking New Free Expose from Human Events can Swing Election

LOS ANGELES, October 29 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Millions of American voters still do not know what an ultra-left extremist Barack Hussein Obama is, but this free, factual, blockbuster new exposé from Human Events can fix that if enough people spread it around right up through Election Day next Tuesday," says John Finn of Los Angeles.

Finn says, "This new, carefully researched report by the respected journalist Ross Kaminsky is based on the new book The Case Against Barack Obama by David Freddoso (Regnery, 2008). It blows the lid off all the pretenses that Obama is mainstream. Here is total proof that Barack Hussein Obama is 'way too extreme for America.'

"This hard-hitting new report," explains Finn, "is short enough for anyone to read and digest quickly. Get this free report right away if you want to find out the real truth about Obama's Marxist mentors, his radical left-wing community agitation in Chicago, his far-left record in Illinois politics, his consorting with unrepentant Marxist ex- terrorists, his tired formulas for more big government and widespread higher taxes, his doomed-to-fail socialized medicine scheme, the emptiness of his rhetoric about 'change,' his pledges to be a 100% pro- abortion president, his opposition to reform in corrupt Chicago politics, and his Windy City slumlord pals."

Finn says, "You can forward this press release right now to all your friends, relatives and contacts, and tell them to send it along to everyone they know, and so on."

"Also," Finn says, "you can access 'The Truth About Obama' yourself right away, distribute it to everyone you can, and get those people in turn to circulate it to everyone they know, and so on. That way, we can reach millions of Americans with the truth and save them from voting for the most left-wing presidential candidate in U.S. history.

"Getting 'The Truth About Obama: What Every American Needs to Know' is easy, and it's free, too," Finn says. "All you have to do is click on the following link and you'll be inside the document":

"After that," explains Finn, "you can print out the document yourself and distribute it locally, and you can forward the link to all your e-mail contacts, too. You can make a difference in this election if you access 'The Truth About Obama' right away and distribute it as widely as possible. Let everyone know Obama is bad for the USA."