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Alan Keyes sends letter to Bp. D'Arcy, pleading with him to intervene on behalf of the faithful.

Alan Keyes at a campaign rally.

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More Arrests Friday and Saturday, at Notre Dame. Alan Keyes Asks: Will Bishop D'Arcy Intervene? Also, Norma McCorvey - AKA 'Roe' Vows to Come and Risk Arrest

Pro-life Catholics will peacefully process and pray on Notre Dame's campus on Friday and Saturday, carrying images of Our Lady, and the unborn children dying under Obama's policies. Norma McCorvey - the Jane Roe of Roe vs. Wade - vows to come to Notre Dame and pray, and risk arrest with the others.

SOUTH BEND, Ind., May 14 /Christian Newswire/ -- Pro-lifers begin arriving from various states; they have come to risk arrest for praying on Notre Dame's campus. As many as 50 - 100 people will pray.

At 12:00 Noon Friday, and 12:00 Saturday, prolifers, lead by Dr. Alan Keyes and Norma McCorvey, will again process on campus, praying, and holding images of Our Lady, and the babies dying under Obama's policies.

The Pro-lifers make the argument that they are not trespassing, but walking and praying on Catholic grounds, holding up Catholic Doctrine.

To date, 25 pro-lifers have been arrested for peacefully walking and praying on Notre Dame's Campus.

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Alan Keyes sent the following plea to Bp. D'Arcy,

Bishop D'Arcy

Fr. Hugh Cleary
Archbishop Burke
Congregation for Catholic Education
Congregation for the Clergy

Alan L. Keyes, et al


Re: Urgent Appeal for a Hearing re Injuries done to us and others in the course of the ongoing scandal at the University of Notre Dame

We write with respect to ask that you grant us an immediate hearing to seek relief for the injury inflicted upon us by those responsible for the ongoing scandalous injury to good morals at the University Of Notre Dame (UND).

In the first instance we have appealed for a hearing to Fr. David Tyson, Superior Provincial of the Indiana Province of the Congregation of Holy Cross. Having received no response, and given the urgent need to stop the damage being done and prevent further harm, we request that you receive our plea and take such steps as will end the injurious behavior while an investigation is undertaken to ascertain appropriate action to prevent repetition. In our letter of appeal to Fr. Tyson we prepared a full and detailed narrative of the injuries we have suffered, the events and circumstances surrounding those injuries, and the actions we request by way of relief.

As to the morally injurious and scandalous nature of the actions taken by Fr. Jenkins and his colleagues in the UND administration, we rely upon the statements of numerous American Bishops including yourself, as well as Archbishop Raymond Leo Burke's statement that it is a matter involving "the gravest scandal." We rely as well upon the text of Canon 1369 of the Code of Canon Law which says that "A person who in a public show or speech, in published writing, or in other uses of the instruments of social communication utters blasphemy, gravely injures good morals, expresses insults, or excites hatred or contempt against religion or the Church is to be punished with a just penalty."

Fr. Jenkins and his colleagues, by defiantly persisting in their determination to honor Barack Obama, not only promote a false understanding of Catholic moral duty with respect to those who advocate and promote the evil of abortion, they excite contempt for the Church's teachings and authority.

In bringing our appeal for a hearing and redress to you we rely upon Canon 1412 which states that "In penal cases the accused, even if absent, can be brought to trial before the tribunal of the place where the delict was committed." We also rely upon Canon 1717 which says "Whenever an ordinary has knowledge, which at least seems true, of a delict, he is carefully to inquire personally or through another suitable person about the facts, circumstances, and imputability, unless such an inquiry seems entirely superfluous." We also rely upon Canon 1320 which makes clear that "The local ordinary can coerce religious with penalties in all those matters in which they are subject to him;" and Canon 1399 which says "the external violation of a divine or canonical law can be punished by a just penalty only when the special gravity of the violation demands punishment and there is an urgent need to prevent or repair scandals."

We make these references to the Canon Law only clearly to explain our reasons for looking to you for guidance and help in dealing with the injuries we have suffered in the course of the scandal in progress at Notre Dame University. We earnestly hope and pray that it can be addressed without recourse to formal procedures, in a way that comports with the spirit of loving concern that motivates us and all the faithful who have been dismayed and grieved by the accommodation with evil that appears to be under way.

A violation giving rise to the gravest scandal is in progress at the University of Notre Dame. As victims of actions connected with the scandal, we seek an immediate hearing and relief in order to prevent further damage to our morale and reputations, and to the spiritual understanding and well being of members of the Notre Dame Community, including the graduating Class of 2009. If not prevented the moral and spiritual damage from such scandalous injuries to good morals can last for years, and even a lifetime. In this case, the connection with a supposedly historic situation increases the likely hood that the bad moral lesson and effect will be deeply ingrained upon the consciences of those exposed, for better or worse. It also means that the influence of the scandal will extend well beyond the lifetimes of those who are now involved in it.

In the past, persons in positions of responsibility such as yours abdicated their spiritual authority and failed to act urgently and adequately to curtail or prevent moral injury. By their insufficiency they caused the authority of the Church to fall under contempt, both within the community of the faithful and in the world at large. We earnestly pray that by your urgent and immediate attention to our appeal, you will make clear to all the faithful and to the world at large that no such dereliction is now taking place.

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