Wednesday, May 20, 2009

From LifeNews.Com: Todays Pro-Life News Items

Fourth Poll This Month Shows U.S. Public Opinion Trending Pro-Life on Abortion
Washington, DC ( -- The fourth poll released this month has confirmed a definite shift in American public opinion towards the pro-life perspective on abortion. A new Rasmussen Reports poll joins surveys from Gallup, Pew and Fox News in confirming that Americans are taking a decidedly more pro-life position on abortion. The Rasmussen survey, released on May 5, asked a different question than the others and found that 58 percent of Americans say abortion is morally wrong most of the time. Just twenty-five percent disagree and the rest had no opinion. The survey found women are more strongly pro-life than men as 64 percent of women believe most abortions are morally wrong, a view shared by just 51% of men. Of those who identified themselves as pro-life, 88 percent say most abortions are morally wrong as do 29 percent of those who call themselves pro-choice. Meanwhile, another Rasmussen survey question found a majority of Americans, 52 percent, think it is too easy to get an abortion in America. That's up seven percent from two years ago when 45 percent thought it was too easy. Just 13 percent now say it's too hard to get an abortion, while 21 percent believe the current availability is about right. Full story at

Troubled Economy Yields More Adoptions, Not Just Abortions, for Pregnant Moms
Washington, DC ( -- Because of the troubled economy anecdotal evidence and hard numbers from abortion centers show the number of abortions are on the rise. However, the same personal stories and figures from agencies show the number of adoptions are increasing as well. As families struggle to make ends meet, several large adoption agencies tell USA Today that they are seeking more pregnant women decide to do something they never thought they would do -- place a baby for adoption. Joan Jaeger of The Cradle, a Chicago-area adoption agency, says many of the women coming to her are in their 20s and 30s and already have children. They see another child as an additional expense they can't afford. Jaeger tells the newspaper that she is seeing a 30 percent increase in the number of adoptions compared with 2008. Scott Mars of American Adoptions, a private national adoption agency based in Kansas, tells USA he has seen a 10-12 percent increase in the number of inquiries about adoption and a 7-10 percent increase in the number of actual placements. "The economy has made them take a second look at adoption," he says. Full story at

Polls Showing Pro-Life Majority on Abortion Show Education, Legislation Working
by Maria Vitale
The major media seemed a bit mystified at the results of a recent Gallup Poll, showing a significant shift to the pro-life point of view. (A new Fox News poll also backs up the Gallup data by showing a pro-life majority on abortion.) The national telephone survey of 1,015 adults, age 18 or older, conducted from May 7-10, indicated that 51 percent of Americans now call themselves "pro-life" on abortion, as opposed to the 42 percent who self-identify as "pro-choice." This marks the first time the pro-life side held the majority since Gallup started posing the question back in 1995. Given the fact that America just elected a "pro-choice" President, the results might seem surprising, even shocking. However, upon further analysis, there are substantive reasons why the populace is moving to the pro-life end of the spectrum of public opinion. For years, pro-abortion activists have been talking about a so-called "pro-choice majority." The Gallup Poll shows that pool of abortion supporters is now shrinking. Full story at

Vatican Newspaper Criticized for Downplaying Obama's Pro-Abortion Record
The Vatican ( -- The Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano is drawing criticism from pro-life advocates for recent articles praising pro-abortion President Barack Obama. The paper wrote a glowing article of President Obama's first 100 days in office that claimed he has made no radical changes. "Obama does not seem to have confirmed the radical innovations that he had discussed," the newspaper claimed. Such an assessment, says critics such as American Catholic writer Deal Hudson, ignores Obama's extensive pro-abortion record. "There was no mention of the rescinding of the Mexico City Policy, the ending of conscience protection for medical care workers, of increased funding for abortion providers, of pro-abortion appointments to key administration positions like the head of Health and Human Services," Hudson says in response. "Most importantly, [there was] no mention of the widely-recognized White House strategy of approximating the effect of FOCA in a piecemeal fashion," Hudson added. "It has become apparent that the paper needs a new editor," Hudson said. Full story at

Kansas Gov. Parkinson Must Decide on Anti-Planned Parenthood Budget Soon
Topeka, KS ( -- Newly-minted Kansas Gov. Mark Parkinson, who is pro-abortion, says he will decide by Friday on a state budget that eliminates funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion business. Should Parkinson sign the bill, Kansas will become just the seventh state to zero out funding for the pro-abortion group. Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri currently receives approximately $275,000 in taxpayer funds. Although state tax dollars don't pay directly for abortions, state legislators cut out funding because Planned Parenthood does abortions -- including late-term abortions at its Overland Park facility. That center is embroiled in a case involving charges that will head to the Kansas Supreme Court next week alleging that some of the late-term abortions were illegal and that it falsified medical records to cover up that fact.
Knowing the allegations, State Senator Tim Huelskamp announced an effort last December to end taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood in Kansas. ACTION: Contact Governor Parkinson at 877-579-6757 or 785-296-3232, fax 785-368-8788 or email / Full story at

Texas Senate Initially Approves Bill to Create Adult Stem Cell Research Consortium
Austin, TX ( -- The Texas state Senate on Wednesday gave initial approval to a bill that would create the Adult Stem Cell Research Consortium, which would encourage collaboration between researchers at Texas universities and cord blood banks. This body would oversee funding for adult stem cell research received from both public and private sectors. If the measure becomes law, the bill would move Texas beyond the debate about whether it is appropriate or inappropriate to destroy human embryos into the realm of adult stem cell research and treatments without ethical concerns. It is estimated that more than 1.2 million Texans are afflicted with chronic degenerative conditions and can benefit from this research that could lead to the discovery of successful treatments and potential cures. Texas Senator Jane Nelson, a Republican from Lewisville and chair of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, is the main sponsor of SB 73. Full story at

Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire Says State "Blessed" by Pro-Abortion Group
Washington, DC ( -- Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire is under fire from pro-life advocates for recent comments at a fundraising event for a pro-abortion group. She told attendees that the state was "blessed" to have Washington NARAL there leading the charge for unlimited abortions. Gregoire, a Catholic who has taken a solid pro-abortion position and tried to force pro-life pharmacists to dispense the morning after pill against their consciences, participated in the swanky NARAL event inside the Seattle Sheraton on Monday. The luncheon was put together to honor the retirement of longtime NARAL Washington leader Karen Cooper, according to a Seattle PI news report. "We are blessed to have had you as our great leader," Gregoire said of Cooper. The governor spoke of "those, candidly, not yet born who will benefit from your leadership." The 40 or so pro-life advocates who protested outside the hotel were aghast by the statement and were dismayed that Gregoire has resisted rebuke from Catholic pro-life leaders. Full story at

Louisiana Nurse Wins State Supreme Court Battle in Plan B Conscience Case
Baton Rouge, LA ( -- A Louisiana nurse won her battle at the state Supreme Court last Friday when it refused to hear a hospital's appeal of a lower court decision siding with her. The nurse, Toni Lemly, sued St. Tammany Parish Hospital in 2005 after it refused to grant a reasonable accommodation for her religious beliefs. Lemly informed hospital staff that she objected to administering the morning after pill because of her religious beliefs. In response, St. Tammany Parish Hospital fired Lemly from her full-time position and reduced her to part-time status, working only three days a week. Her demotion resulted in a significant reduction in pay and the loss of employee benefits. The hospital declined several reasonable suggestions made by Lemly, a nurse for 23 years, that would have enabled the facility to continue administering the pill while allowing her to abstain from dispensing it herself. The hospital chose not to act on any of her suggestions. Attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund, a pro-life legal group, filed a lawsuit against the hospital in the 22nd Judicial District Court for the Parish of St. Tammany in June 2005. The court denied the hospital’s motion for summary judgment in January 2007. On Friday, the Louisiana Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal of that decision. Full story at

Pennsylvania Teen Charged With Trying to Kill Girl's Unborn Child With Drug
Williamsburg, PA ( -- A Pennsylvania teenager has been charged with attempting to kill the unborn child of the girlfriend of one of his friends. Jonathan Keith Imler has been charged with attempted criminal homicide and aggravated assault of an unborn child, simple assault, and recklessly endangering another person. The case involves an unnamed teenager girl who became pregnant by her 16-year-old boyfriend. The boyfriend, a 17-year-old and Imler, banded together with an idea to kill the girl's unborn child. Last March, they stole a bottle of ProstaMate, a liquid farmers used to cause abortions of calves, and a syringe. The three talked about using the drug to cause an abortion of the girl's baby and, while Imler told the other teens that wasn't a good idea, he did nothing to stop them from going ahead with the plan. The 17-year-old boy used the syringe to put the liquid in the girl's drink, which she consumed not knowing the drug was present. According to an Altoona Mirror report, the girl was alerted to the presence of the drug and eventually went to the hospital. The teenager who laced the drink told police he did so with the intent of causing the abortion. Full story at