Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back from Notre Dame with the real story

I received this e-mail from my friends up north. It's an eyewitness report on what they saw while on the campus of Notre Dame:

My ND report is below.  The lack of media coverage is astounding, which is why I am sending this to people who might be interested.  Did you know that the annual march for life in DC has hundreds of thousands of walkers?  No one does unless they go, because the media won't report it.  Take a look at  Thine Eyes and see the real picture.  We are not "yahoos and reactionaries."  We are real people and there are a lot of us.


Tom and Meaghan (our son and future daughter-in-law) graduated with honors from Notre Dame Law.  I have been collecting my thoughts since we returned.   We attended the Law ceremony but not the commencement and we were not alone.  We stood with the pro-life crowd on the South Mall of Notre Dame, while the press covered the commencement inside the field house.   I am stunned by the lack of accurate representation of the pro-life protest on Notre Dame's campus.  I have looked everywhere for an account of the 4,000  people who covered the South mall of the campus for Mass and prayerful protest, but I cannot find it.  The fact that no media outlet is reporting this makes it clear that they are complicit in deceit.   The handful of undergrads represented at the grotto were a small fraction of the dissenters.  I took this picture from the middle of the crowd, late in the event.   I listened to eloquent speakers who told a very different story than President Obama.  Unfortunately the University was duped and the only winner here is the President  who scored a great political coup while marginalizing Catholicism and the pro-life movement.  I salute Randall Terry, Norma McCorvey and Alan Keyes for their courage to stand tall in a subversive environment, but these people were not the face of the pro-life dissent on campus and it is a shame that the media chose to present the events of the day in this fashion.   Shame on the media for their horrendous, deceitful bias.  My son, Chris has sent me several op-eds about the commencement.  He also sent me the response of Archbishop Caput - which was not favorable. 

   William McGurn  I sent the above message to William McGurn and he responded with:  " Amen.  I know many of the people at that rally!  Thanks for writing.  All the best, bill" 

While the millstone of Notre Dame is placed around President Obama's neck and 12k at Notre Dame stand giving a thunderous ovation, all heaven stood to honor an 80-year-old priest as he received heaven's high honor for peacefully taking a stand for life and the plight of the unborn...

That little jail tag around the neck of this bound man of God is a high honor in the kingdom of God. If you are wondering about my phrase - "the millstone of Notre Dame" - I'd remind you that Jesus spoke of placing something around the neck of those who keep children from LIFE.

Deacon John

Sent from Mt Dora, Florida, United States