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Dear Friends for Life, this week I share with you an email from Bradley Mattes concerning China's one-child policy:

Dear Fr. Novotny,

The timing of this just-released news story is ironic. I recently taped a TV episode in Washington, DC on forced abortion in China. One of my guests, Reggie Littlejohn, is an attorney seeking asylum for the victims of China's brutal one-child policy. She sent me a link to this 2-minute video. Please take a moment to watch.

A brave news reporter slipped unnoticed into a Chinese hospital to speak with a "detained" woman who was eight months pregnant. Her crime? Being pregnant and already having a child. Later, the reporter interviewed the woman's husband who was waiting outside in a car. So terrified of retribution, the pregnant woman consented to being filmed only if her face wasn't shown.

The video shows her with huge bruises on her arm. Her husband described what happened when she was captured. "They held her arms behind her back, pushed her head against the door, kicked her stomach." The footage shows the jail cell where she was held as they killed her near-term unborn baby by lethal injection.

China's trying to give the impression that they've eased up on their cruel one-child policy. This video is compelling evidence that's not true. Thousands of women are literally being dragged into abortion mills, strapped down and forced to endure the horrors of an unwanted, late-term abortion - babies they desperately love and want. Forced sterilizations are also part of the ugly process. By its own admission, the Chinese Communist Party has reported killing more than 13 million babies each year - more than 35,000 abortions a day.

This woman's fate isn't unusual or rare. It was done in one of China's most modern cities. Fines for having an unauthorized pregnancy can result in 10 times a person's annual salary and most can't afford to save their babies' lives by paying them.

Just imagine how many women fall prey to China's cruel population program. You can help protect them by sharing this news with others and speaking out against such horrors.

Sincerely for the women and their babies,
Bradley Mattes. [Executive Director, Life Issues Institute]

God Bless,
Jerry Novotny, OMI

(Quote) "It is with the smallest brushes that the artist paints the most beautiful pictures." - Saint Andre of Montreal

**************************************** Newsletter #498
October 31, 2010



1. Wear A White Ribbon To Fight Pornography
2. Pornography Still an Ignored Social Ill
3. Shut Out: Fathers Of Unborn Children
4. EllaOne An Abortifacient - Not 'birth Control'
5. Countries Slam UN Attempts To Create New "Right" To Sexual Ed
6. Human Life Itself Has No Value: Britain's Leading Bioethicist
7. Planned Parenthood's business model depends on delivering death
8. Cell technique works without embryos
9. Difficult Pregnancies and the Absolute Value of Innocent Live
10. Think Again: Global Aging
11. The Incredible, Profitable Egg: "Eggsploitation"
12. Catholic websites help those struggling with pornography


(Focus on Asia): "Death toll from Indonesian disasters nears 430" => The death toll from the 10-foot-high (three-meter-high) tsunami that slammed into islands off western Indonesia rose to 370 on Friday as officials found more bodies, although hundreds of people remained missing. Harmensyah, head of the West Sumatra provincial disaster management center, said rescue teams "believe many, many of the bodies were swept to sea."


ITEM #1: Wear A White Ribbon To Fight Pornography

Addiction to porn contributes to broken marriages, sexual harassment, declines in worker productivity, exploitation and the degradation of women. Pornography presents a distorted, debased, often-violent image of human sexuality, absent of love and commitment.

View full article at Duluth News Tribune:


ITEM #2: Pornography Still an Ignored Social Ill

According to the American Family Association Journal, every year the porn industry creates 11,000 new movies, compared to the 400 mainstream videos created by Hollywood. Many of those videos are published online for the public to access.

View full article at Christian Post:

ITEM #3: Shut Out: Fathers Of Unborn Children Have No Legal Say Whether Their Children Live Or Die

Between the legal non-status of abortion and the legal non-existence of the unborn child, the question in the Daigle case that was under debate at the time, was, "should a father have any rights?" In Canada, the Supreme Court decided, No.

View full article at


ITEM #4: EllaOne An Abortifacient - Not 'birth Control'

RU-486, the "parent drug" of ellaOne, has led to the deaths of 12 women and serious side effects, so Hawkins believes the same results can be expected of ellaOne. The drug is currently available by prescription only, but the pro-lifer points out that Planned Parenthood is working to make birth control free for every woman under federal healthcare reform. Also, the FDA is heading toward over-the-counter sale of ellaOne, even though there is no research on the effects of repeated use or its potential impact on children.

View full article at OneNewsNow:


ITEM #5: Countries Slam Attempts To Create New "Right" To Sexual Education At UN

Angry delegates took to the UN floor this week to denounce a report that promotes a new human right to explicit sexual education for young children.

View full article at C-FAM:


ITEM #6: Human Life Itself Has No Value: Britain's Leading Bioethicist And Assisted Suicide Campaigner

Mary Warnock is known as Britain's leading bioethicist and proponent of assisted suicide. She recently commented that the refusal of doctors to participate in assisted suicide is "genuinely wicked." Her books include "Easeful Death: Is there a case for assisted dying?" and "Making Babies: Is there a right to have children?"

View full article at


ITEM #7: Planned Parenthood's business model depends on delivering death

The numbers paint the grisly picture of an organization beset by financial problems yet determined to increase income by killing more preborn human beings. But that's not the surprising part. The shocking thing about these numbers is that they are finally dispelling the ubiquitous Planned Parenthood lie that the organization is about something other than abortion.

Article is located at The Washington Times:


ITEM #8: Cell technique works without embryos

Scientists have invented an efficient way to produce apparently safe alternatives to human embryonic stem cells without destroying embryos, a long-sought step toward bypassing the moral morass surrounding one of the most promising fields in medicine.

Article can be found at The Washington Post:


ITEM #9: Difficult Pregnancies, Precarious Choices, and the Absolute Value of Innocent Live

Directly killing an innocent human being, even in the hopes of saving his or her mother, is an instance of engaging in an intrinsic – or absolute – evil, even if good may follow. By always repudiating the direct killing of the innocent, and acknowledging that this represents an exceptionless norm, we set in place the framework to safeguard human dignity at its root. Affirming this most basic norm leads us away from the injustice of playing God with other people's lives. These challenging "life of the mother" cases allow us to begin acknowledging some of our own limitations, and the mystery of God's greater Providence, in the realization that we may not be able to "manage" or "correct" every difficult medical situation we face.

View entire article at CERC:


ITEM #10. Think Again: Global Aging

A gray tsunami is sweeping the planet -- and not just in the places you expect. How did the world get so old, so fast?

View entire article at Foreign Policy:


ITEM #11. The Incredible, Profitable Egg: "Eggsploitation" Uncovers Dark Side of Infertility Industry

Egg-harvesting has gone on now for 40 years. But the field of egg-donation is still entirely unregulated and so these stories go unreported and unexplored. Experts themselves admit that there are no adequate studies on the long-term risks of these powerful and commonly used fertility drugs, and yet the casualties they cause aren't hard to find. Some studies even suggest they might increase a woman's risk for developing ovarian cancer later in life; and anecdotal evidence, as illustrated above, suggests a connection to breast cancer; but solid data has yet to be collected.

Why? Why does the proud scion of the laureate Robert Edwards -- the infertility industry -- routinely place women at risk and deprive them of adequately informed consent? With questions such as these left unanswered, women considering egg donation might want to think again.

View full article at Culture of Life Foundation:



ITEM #12. Catholic websites help those struggling with pornography

"Porn is not just naughty  -  it's evil," said Fradd, a 27-year-old Australian living in Ottawa, Ontario. "It emasculates men, degrades women and destroys marriages."

View full article at NCR:



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2. PRAY DAILY: for the courage to be God's presence in society and to strongly support those who are deemed "unworthy of life". "If My people who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14

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