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Wednesday STOPP Report: October 20, 2010

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October 20, 2010

  • Planned Parenthood pushes to grab more money through 100% payment for all prescription birth control
  • Texas Planned Parenthood operating abortion facility in stealth mode
  • Planned Parenthood proud of quietly exterminating Utah's population: "pot of money" made it all possible
  • Boston College links to Planned Parenthood
  • Montana High School boots Planned Parenthood
  • The ultimate act of Bringing Mary to Planned Parenthood: Mary's Choice
Planned Parenthood pushes to grab more money through 100% payment for all prescription birth control

Planned Parenthood Federation of America is launching a major campaign to have all prescription birth control listed as "preventive care", mandating that under the health care reform law (PL 111-148) all new private health plans must cover 100% of the cost.

But that's not all.  Classifying birth control as "preventive care" would ensure that our tax dollars will pay for all prescription birth control for Medicaid recipients, some of which have abortifacient actions and all of which are immoral and intrinsically evil.

Nancy Kachel, president and chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood of Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma tipped her hand talking about the benefits of classifying birth control as preventive care, when she said, "For one thing it would be covered under Medicaid at the state level so it would be finally a state mandate that it be covered for free, that there be no co-pays and that it is easily accessible."

With both private insurers and state Medicaid programs being required to pay 100% of the cost of contraceptives, it would be a win-win situation for Planned Parenthood, who would stand to pocket more money than ever from its sale of contraceptives, which, in 2008, comprised 35% of Planned Parenthood's business.

With its business of buying contraceptives at rock bottom prices and inflating the sales price by as much as 12 times their acquisition cost, it comes as no surprise that Planned Parenthood is pouring its seemingly unlimited resources into this campaign.  If birth control makes the list of preventive services, Planned Parenthood will be laughing all the way to the bank.

In addition to forcing taxpayers to pay for contraception, classifying birth control as preventive health care will take away the right of employers and insurance providers to follow their consciences and exclude birth control from health care policies. Employers and insurance providers are currently free under federal law to purchase and offer health coverage that excludes various forms of birth control. 

The Department of Health and Human Services is currently deliberating on its final list of required preventive services.

Action:  Planned Parenthood's CEO, Cecile Richards, is pushing her campaign to get a million signatures to insure free contraceptives for all women.  PP is running a huge public relations campaign to convince decision makers to add birth control to the list of preventive health services that must be paid 100% by new private insurance plans and by Medicaid. 

We encourage all readers of this report to educate your fellow pro-lifers and your elected officials, especially your Members of Congress to stop this PP effort.

Texas Planned Parenthood operating abortion facility in stealth mode

A vigilant sidewalk counselor has discovered that Planned Parenthood is now operating Aaron's abortion center at 3302 67th Street in Lubbock, TX, and has kept the public uninformed about its takeover of the only abortion mill in the Texas Plains region.

STOPP received information some months ago that Aaron's was selling its abortion facilities.  We alerted sidewalk counselors in Lubbock that a transaction may be pending.

Dorothy Boyett, a registered nurse who has been a faithful sidewalk counselor at Aaron's abortion mill in Lubbock for decades, noticed recently the CEO of Planned Parenthood of Lubbock coming to Aaron's with briefcase in hand on killing days, and staying all day.

Dorothy's research shows that Planned Parenthood has been awarded a license to operate an abortion facility under the name Planned Parenthood Women's Health Center, at the address of the Aaron's on 67th Street.  Checking the Secretary of State's website, Dorothy found that Planed Parenthood lists Tony Thornton, the Planned Parenthood CEO, as the agent at the 67th Street address.  The license was effective October 7. 

The abortion giant will celebrate 50 years of "service" to the Lubbock community with a party on November 11. Pro-lifers anticipate PP may plan to announce the transition at that time.

This is another example of Planned Parenthood switching from an abortifacient birth control business to a full blown surgical abortion facility, as it continues what it claims to be its proven programs of reducing the "need" for abortion through contraception and salacious, immoral sex education. 

Planned Parenthood's own statistics prove this is a bogus claim.

Planned Parenthood proud of quietly exterminating Utah's population: "pot of money" made it all possible

In August of this year, Planned Parenthood quietly expanded its business to include surgical and medical abortions in the state of Utah, whose Mormon population is known for having large families. 

The Salt Lake Tribune reports: "In opening the new Metro Health Center, 160 S. 1000 East, [Planned Parenthood of Utah CEO] Galloway took advantage of a pot of money available to add abortion services. The Consortium of Planned Parenthood Abortion Providers (CAPS) gave the Utah clinic an undisclosed amount."

CAPS is a Planned Parenthood effort that provides technical support, training and assistance to Planned Parenthood affiliates throughout the US that are interested in starting or expanding abortion "services." The CAPS Project is housed at Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida.

"I'm really proud of where this whole process has brought Planned Parenthood of Utah to be able to do full comprehensive reproductive health," Galloway said. 

Utah has one of the highest birth rates and lowest abortion rates in the nation, despite the fact that there were already 3 abortion businesses in the state prior to Planned Parenthood jumping on the surgical abortion death wagon.

"We're there because we need to be good at it. We need to be able to pick up when anyone else slows down," the Planned Parenthood executive said of her expansion in the surgical abortion business.

Galloway is reportedly nervous about publicity and says she fears protests in front of her Planned Parenthood abortion facility.

The situation in Lubbock, with Planned Parenthood operating Aaron's abortion mill in stealth mode, and in Utah, where Planned Parenthood quietly started committing abortions, underscores the need for local pro-life activists to be vigilant and take the initiative in doing research to discover what the local Planned Parenthood is doing, and then shout it from the rooftops.  If Planned Parenthood is really proud of its abortion business, why is it hiding?

Boston College links to Planned Parenthood

TPF Student Action Director John Ritchie is asking for help for the students at Boston College who are fighting to get the link to Planned Parenthood removed from the Catholic college's website.  You can read more about the campaign and sign the protest here.
Montana High School boots Planned Parenthood

Parents recently crowded the Frenchtown, Montana, school board meeting to voice their concerns about Planned Parenthood's involvement in the school's freshman health classes.  In the end, the board voted to boot Planned Parenthood by a 5 to 2 margin.

Planned Parenthood had been giving the birth control presentation in the school district since 2002.  Kudos to the good parents in Frenchtown who said NO to Planned Parenthood.

Our new STOPP website details how to get Planned Parenthood out of your school district.  Please, for the sake of our children, clothe yourself in prayer, study our website today, follow the links, and take immediate action to get Planned Parenthood out of your school district.

The ultimate act of Bringing Mary to Planned Parenthood: Mary's Choice

When Mary's Choice pregnancy help center opens next door to Planned Parenthood's abortion mill in Sioux City, Iowa, early next year, 13 year old Mary Kate Skaggs will be holding the scissors for the ribbon-cutting.

Mary Kate, a pro-life activist on her own right, compiled a list of 7 possible names for the pregnancy help center for her father, and each of the names contained the name of the Mother of God.

Mary Kate's dad, Mike Skaggs, received a call from God that he could not walk away from, to spearhead the effort to open a pregnancy help center next door to the Planned Parenthood abortion center, and he immediately enlisted the help of his family, his bishop, the Knights of Columbus, the community, and even Representative Steve King, pro-life congressman extraordinaire from Iowa, to make it all happen.

When Mike asked his wife's opinion about what name he should choose for the center, she insisted on Mary's Choice.  When Mike objected to the word "Choice" because it has been so co-opted by the abortion lobby, his wife explained that it was Mary's choice to say yes when the angel Gabriel appeared to her announcing that she had found great favor with God, and would bear God's holy Son.

Mary's Choice will follow the lead of another pregnancy help center in Iowa in making a commitment to help moms who bring their babies to term for the first five years of the child's life.

Mike very humbly says that he dislikes all the attention this is bringing to him personally, and wants to keep the focus on what God is doing in Sioux City.  He says everything is falling into place, but he would like to let others know how to contact him if they can assist with making Mary's Choice a reality.  You can reach Mike at Mary's Choice, PO Box 657, Sioux City, Iowa 51102; by phone at 712-253-6749; or by emailing

In light of STOPP's campaign to Bring Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary, we see the establishment of a pregnancy help center next door to Planned Parenthood bearing the name of Mary, as the ultimate act of Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary.  We will be following up on this fascinating story.  Kudos to Mike Skaggs, his family, and all those who are assisting in making Mary's Choice a reality.

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