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Pro-Life Gains May Grow as Vulnerable Abortion Advocates Increase
New Catholic Cardinal: Catholics Can t Vote for Pro-Abortion Candidates
Democratic Party Uses Bible to Attack Indiana Pro-Life Candidate
• Mike Pence May Leave GOP Leadership Position to Run for Governor, President
• Potential GOP Presidential Candidates Make 2010 Election Rounds

California Poll Shows Pro-Life Carly Fiorina Behind Pro-Abortion Boxer
Wisconsin Pro-Life Governor Candidate Scott Walker Leads Big Despite Attacks
Pennsylvania Senate: Pro-Life Pat Toomey Solidifying Lead

Responding to: How Dare You Compare Abortion to The Holocaust or Slavery?

Amnesty International Lobbying Peru to Make Abortions Legal
Kansas Supreme Court Justice Carol Beier Writes Troubling Pro-Abortion Ruling
California Funds Less Embryonic, More Adult Stem Cell Research

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Pro-Life Gains May Grow as Vulnerable Abortion Advocates Increase
The latest analysis of the races for the House of Representatives not only shows that the pro-life movement will likely pick up enough seats to take control of the chamber but the number could be increasing.

Most analysts say the House is more likely than the Senate to change hands from pro-abortion Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic allies of pro-abortion President Barack Obama.

Republicans must win 39 seats to gain control to install a pro-life leader, likely pro-life Rep. John Boehner, in Pelosi s chair.

But new evidence shows potentially more seats in play where abortion advocates may be in jeopardy.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is making a last ditch effort to protect incumbent lawmakers, but its movement shows it is leaving districts where its candidates are thought to be too far gone (such as pro-abortion Rep. Betsy Markey in Colorado) and moving to districts where previously safe incumbents are now vulnerable.

The DCCC yesterday purchased $21.6 million worth of air time in 66 districts and the ads are helping pro-abortion representatives once thought to be safe: Reps. Gerry Connolly in Virginia, Gary Peters in Michigan, Bruce Braley in Iowa and Raul Grijalva.
And Obama is now campaigning for Rep. Tom Perriello in Virginia in a seat once thought to be immune form takeover.

Only three of the candidates out of 66 targets were Republicans meaning the Democratic campaign committee is concerned that potentially more than 60 lawmakers are headed out the door, not included districts where it has given up. Full story at

New Catholic Cardinal: Catholics Can t Vote for Pro-Abortion Candidates
The Catholic leader who Pope Benedict named a new cardinal said in a new interview that faithful Catholics can t in good conscience vote for pro-abortion candidates.

Pope Benedict XVI named Raymond Burke, the former Archbishop of St. Louis, as one of two Americans who will become cardinals in the Catholic Church last week.

Burke, who is the prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, the Church s Supreme Court gave an interview to Thomas McKenna, President of Catholic Action for Faith and Family.

As a bishop it s my obligation in fact, to urge the faithful to carry out their civic duty in accord with their Catholic faith, Burke said.

You can never vote for someone who favors absolutely the right to choice of a woman to destroy a human life in her womb or the right to a procured abortion, he added plainly.

He said his words are not meant as a criticism of how people vote, but they are simply announcing the truth, helping people to discriminate right from wrong in terms of their own activities. Full story at

Democratic Party Uses Bible to Attack Indiana Pro-Life Candidate
For the second time in two days, a state affiliate of the Democratic party is coming under fire for using religion to attack pro-life candidates.

This time, the Indiana Democratic party sent an election piece to voters in Indiana using the Bible and claiming pro-life southern Indiana congressional candidate Todd Young wants to stifle contributions to churches.

The mailer, which features various pictures of churches and worshippers, claims the sales tax plan Young favors would somehow reduce tithing to churches.

The mailing claims 1,187 churches in southern Indiana are under threat from Todd Young s tax plan.

Todd Young wants to make it harder for us to help our Christian neighbors, the Indiana Democratic party mailing claims. Good Christians must stand against Young s sinful tax that would hurt our churches. Full story at

Mike Pence May Leave GOP Leadership Position to Run for Governor, President
Congressman Mike Pence has quickly become one of the most respected pro-life leaders on Capitol Hill, but he may be considering vacating his leadership position within the republican Party.

That s because Pence is reportedly, according to reports in Politico and Fox News, considering stepping down from his position as the head of the GOP conference in the House to consider a gubernatorial or presidential bid.

The post has him as the third highest Republican in the House and he could find himself Majority Whip should Republicans capture the House on Tuesday from Nancy Pelosi and the other pro-abortion Democrats who control the chamber.

The reports suggest Pence does not believe he should keep a leadership post and dilute his effectiveness by dividing his time between that and a potential race for higher office.

For his part, Pence and his top spokesman have told media outlets that he s not making any decisions until after the elections. Full story at

Potential GOP Presidential Candidates Make 2010 Election Rounds
The potential Republican presidential candidates who may challenge pro-abortion President Barack Obama are not shy about making the rounds on the 2010 campaign trail.

The election cycle has seen political action committees sponsored by such potential candidates as Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty dish out endorsements and big bucks for candidates ranging from Congress to the state legislature.

The potential presidential hopefuls are employing a standard practice of developing a cadre of support and potential endorsements in key primary and caucus states that could help them as they seek the GOP nomination to take on Obama.

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who campaigned as a pro-life candidate in 2008, is heading to Iowa and New Hampshire, the first caucus and primary state, to campaign for a range of candidates. He will also head to South Carolina, the site of the third big primary election contest.

Pawlenty, the pro-life Minnesota governor, pro-life former Sen. Rick Santorum and pro-life Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, who upset pro-life advocates with a call for a truce on abortion, are also making the rounds in Iowa this week. Full story at

California Poll Shows Pro-Life Carly Fiorina Behind Pro-Abortion Boxer
Polling data in the California Senate race shows pro-life candidate Carly Fiorina still behind in her bid to upset pro-abortion Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Last week, it appeared Fiorina was coming back in the polls and the margin between the two candidates was collapsing. But the heavy television advertising campaign Boxer is funding and Fiorina s recent hospitalization have made it so she is falling back.

Survey USA s poll today shows Fiorina down five percent to Boxer, on a 45-40 percentage point margin. The poll shows a striking difference between California voters with a home telephone and those that use cell phones only.

For US Senator, incumbent Democrat Barbara Boxer and Republican challenger Carly Fiorina are even today among voters interviewed on their home telephones, but when voters without home phones, interviewed on their cell phones, are combined, Boxer tops Fiorina 45% to 40%, the firm noted.

Boxer had a 17-point lead among cell-phone only voters, but the numbers produced strange results with 22 percent of Californians saying they are undecided. Full story at

Wisconsin Pro-Life Governor Candidate Scott Walker Leads Big Despite Attacks
Scott Walker now earns his highest level of support in the Wisconsin governor race despite attacks on his position against making taxpayers fund embryonic stem cell research.

The latest Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey of likely voters in Wisconsin finds the Milwaukee County official with 52% of the vote, while Democrat Tom Barrett , the mayor of Milwaukee, picks up 42% support.

Another two percent like another candidate and two percent remain undecided.

Two weeks ago, Walker held a 51% to 42% lead over Barrett. Walker has consistently led Barrett in surveys dating back to February, with support ranging from 46% to 52%. In those same surveys, Barrett s support has remained in the range of 40% to 44%, Rasmussen noted.

The lead is so strong that Rasmussen has moved the race to a ranking of solid Republican from leans Republican. Full story at

Pennsylvania Senate: Pro-Life Pat Toomey Solidifying Lead
Two new polls in the Pennsylvania Senate race make it clear pro-life candidate Pat Toomey appears to be headed to victory over pro-abortion candidate Joe Sestak.

A Franklin & Marshall College poll released Wednesday shows Toomey supported by 43 percent of likely voters to Sestak s 36 percent with about 20 percent still undecided.

The poll of 489 Pennsylvanians deemed likely to vote was conducted through Sunday and released today, though its percentage of undecided voters seems high to most analysts.

The Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion and the Morning Call newspaper released a new poll today as well showing Toomey leading by five percentage points, 46-41 percent. After appearing to be tied last week, Toomey has opened up a consistent lead that the poll has measured every day for the last five days.

The undecided voters were equally split with 14 percent of those undecided saying they would vote for Toomey and the same percentage for Sestak.

Toomey runs better with older voters, men, Republicans and independents while Sestak polls better with women, younger voters and Democrats.

Full story at

Responding to: How Dare You Compare Abortion to The Holocaust or Slavery?
I have heard many people cry foul whenever any pro-lifer uses the Jewish Holocaust or slavery in America as a comparison to abortion.

Many times at my talks someone will scold me during question-and-answer time, claiming to be offended that I would use such a comparison.

The problem they have is not really the fact that a comparison is being made to one of these horrific tragedies; after all, we build museums, memorials and reminders of what happened to make sure something like the Jewish Holocaust will never happen again. The problem really is that we have elevated what they consider to be a blob of tissue to personhood status.

If comparison in and of itself were the problem, then we would not go to such great lengths to educate society about what happened. The reason places like Auschwitz are open for the public is to guarantee that we understand the horror of what took place in the death camps. Full story at

Amnesty International Lobbying Peru to Make Abortions Legal
Amnesty International, the formerly respected human rights organization that upset supporters years ago with its decision to promote abortion, is pressuring the national of Peru in South America to legalize it.

Salil Shetty, the secretary general of the group, is presenting Peruvian official with a petition reportedly signed by 11,000 people asking for abortions to be allowed. The petition is said to contain signatures from abortion advocates from Peru and other countries.

Zarela Solis Vasquez, the Peru health minister, was set to meet Shetty today, according to a Catholic News Agency report. Full story at

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Kansas Supreme Court Justice Carol Beier Writes Troubling Pro-Abortion Ruling
Last week the Kansas Supreme Court issued a ruling remanding a 107-charge criminal case against Planned Parenthood to the District Court for prosecution.

The ruling was hailed as a victory for pro-life supporters, including Operation Rescue, which worked for years to see Comprehensive Health of Planned Parenthood (CHPP) of Overland Park brought to justice.

The Supreme Court opinion attempts to chronicle the history of the case that involves a complex set of legal actions spanning an Attorney General s inquisition over two administrations, six mandamus actions, three grand juries, three criminal cases, and other legal maneuverings that are enough to make one s head spin. However, the basic nature of the case is very simple. Full story at

California Funds Less Embryonic, More Adult Stem Cell Research
The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) again seems to realize that adult stem cells have a distinct advantage over embryonic stem cells, including the best opportunity of helping patients.

CIRM is spending $3 billion of California taxpayers money (a $6 billion payback with the interest) on stem cell research. Their reason for existence originally was to fund embryonic stem cell and cloning research.

This week they approved funding for 19 grants worth $67 million; the funding is its second round of awards designed to move good ideas out of the lab and into the clinic. (A complete list` of applications including those not funded is posted.) Full story at


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