Friday, March 25, 2011

Apple and the gay-rights lobby have struck again, and we must act


Last fall, Apple banned the Manhattan Declaration from iTunes store after protests by gay-rights groups. Now, similar protests have claimed another victim: the app created by Exodus International, a great Christian ministry that helps people who want to leave the homosexual lifestyle to do so.

Gay-rights groups will target every Christian app that dares to dissent from their views on issues of sexuality and marriage.

Obviously our ability to get our message out is being damaged. But much more important, so are the concepts of religious liberty and free speech, which are so vital to the functioning of a free society.

Make no mistake about it; the gay lobby is not just trying to win their argument in the public square. They are trying to marginalize, intimidate, and ultimately silence anyone who dares to oppose their viewpoint.

This is not the way free societies are supposed to work. And Apple, which is an important conveyor of information in this information age, is behaving shamefully.

Please, call the Apple switchboard at (408-996-1010) and respectfully request that they reinstate both the Manhattan Declaration app and the Exodus International app. Or, call or visit your local Apple store and do the same.

If we don't raise our voices now, we may well lose our most precious liberties.