Friday, March 25, 2011

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By March 31, 2011
the abortion toll will reach
Abortion: How Many
is Too Many?

By Dennis M. Howard Copyright, 2011

It's amazing how people react when they hear the latest report on the abortion toll, which will reach 54,000,000 by April of this year.

Some get angry. Others yawn. Still others react in horror and breathe a silent prayer. Then there are those who recognize an overwhelming tragedy that will decide the future of our nation, the church, and the world.

They are the folks who quickly understand the math. Fifty-four million is more than the population of our America's 72 largest cities -- from New York all the way down to cities the size of Fort Wayne, Indiana. It's as if we had a major nuclear war and no one survived in all those cities.

What we have had for more than a generation is a declared war against the young driven by population scaremongers committed to exploiting the fears and vulnerability of ordinary women struggling to survive.
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