Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Disabled man swindled out of life savings and belongings


Con artists are trying to take advantage of the elderly across Central Florida, and it's now got the attention of Florida's attorney general.

Authorities in Lake County said David Bierly swindled a disabled man out of his life savings and belongings.
According to sheriff's deputies, Bierly somehow got power of attorney for the disabled man and stole $54,000 from him.

Deputies said Bierly also took the disabled man's four cars, his land and his trailer.

Meanwhile in Volusia County, two elderly women were scammed out of more than $10,000 by telephone con artists.
Sheriff's deputies said the women were called by people who claimed to be their grandsons.
The con artists claimed they were in trouble and needed the women to wire them some money.

Florida's attorney general is also warning everyone about a related telephone scam.
Pam Bondi said when the scammers call you, the caller ID will actually show a friend or relative's phone number.

She said the con artists are trying to convince you that you're being called by someone you know.

I'm posting this because we have a lot of elderly retirees here in Central Florida (including myself) and we need to be aware of these scams. Always have someone at your side or assisting you to discern whether someone is trying to scam you or not. A second opinion is a must, from family or close friend or even your pastor.
Deacon John