Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gov. Daugaard Signs Pro-Life House Bill:

Thank You SD Gov. Daugaard for Signing Pro-Life House Bill 1217, Which Protects Women from Coerced Abortion


 March 22, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Alpha Center wants to thank Governor Daugaard for signing this very important legislation to protect the women of South Dakota. House Bill 1217 is written to stop coerced abortion, which happens more frequently than anyone realizes. National statistics show that 64% of women are coerced to have an abortion. According to Alpha Center Founder, Leslee Unruh, "Just one woman being coerced to have an abortion is too many." 

House Bill 1217 raises the standard of care for abortion to match that of other surgical procedures by requiring a history and examination of the patient by the doctor performing the abortion. With a required 72 hour waiting period and a visit to a Pregnancy Help Center, it allows women an opportunity to make an informed choice by learning what resources are available to her should she choose to maintain a relationship with her child rather than only hearing about abortion, as is common now. This process will help protect women from making a decision out of fear, panic or under duress as is the case in many abortion decisions. 

Upon signing of this law, Leslee Unruh, on behalf of women who've been hurt by abortion said, "Women will be better informed and safer."

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If there is a legal challenge to House Bill 1217, it will be healthy for the people of this state and throughout the nation to gain a better understanding of the consequences of abortion on women and how and why so many abortions occur. Alpha Center Founder, Dr. Allen Unruh, says, "This is a debate that goes right to the heart of the Declaration of Independence that guarantees every person the INALIENABLE (GOD-GIVEN) right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Alpha Center welcomes any opportunity to debate this important issue in the public forum."

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