Monday, September 26, 2011

Judge Won't Reverse Decision Against Illinois Catholic Charities Foster Care: Appeal Planned



Today, Illinois Catholic Charities lost their motions for reconsideration and a stay before Judge John Schmidt of the Sangamon County Circuit Court in Springfield, Illinois.

Catholic Charities asked Judge Schmidt to reconsider his August 18 ruling, which denied the Charities' request to prevent the Department of Children and Family Services from barring Catholic Charities from foster care and adoption contracts because of the Catholic Church's religious beliefs against same-sex and opposite-sex civil unions. The Charities also asked for a stay to allow them to continue foster care and adoption services pending an appeal of the August 18 ruling.

The Thomas More Society , which represents the Catholic Charities, plans to immediately seek a stay from the Illinois Appellate Court to allow them to continue operations during any appeal.
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