Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pulling the Props Out From Under Roe v. Wade: an Effective Approach by Theodore Kobernick


To effectively combat wholesale abortion in the United States, we must tear away the sham veil of legality from Roe v. Wade – because the entire edifice of abortion stands upon that foundation. The Supreme Court claimed to have discovered in the Constitution a “right of privacy,” which allowed abortions. With terrible irony, the Court rested its opinion on the Constitution’s due process clause.

The irony consists in the unborn baby being utterly denied even the least semblance of due process. In our nation, due process has prevented the execution of many convicted murderers. But the unborn, deprived of both representation and due process, are convicted of nothing! Not even accused of the slightest misdemeanor, they are nonetheless ordered killed. Whereupon mercenaries hired for the purpose, and attired in white lab coats, carry out the death sentence.

Biological science makes it impossible to argue convincingly that the unborn babies are anything other than human beings. Nevertheless, our Supreme Court ruling treats the unborn not as persons, but as property: just as Afro-American slaves like Dred Scott were ruled “property,” not persons [Dred Scott vs. Sandford (1857)].

Here is how Abraham Lincoln viewed the situation. When campaigning in Massachusetts he argued that the Democratic Party of the day had deserted Jefferson by holding “the liberty of one man to be absolutely nothing, when in conflict with another man’s right of property.” How much worse today, that one person’s life is absolutely nothing when in conflict with another person’s “right of property”.
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