Sunday, February 26, 2012

Catholic Diocese of Orlando speaks out about Obama mandate


Orlando’s voice in a woman’s right to choose was heard during a press conference Saturday by the city’s Catholic Diocese.

Bishop John Noonan said the Jan. 20 mandate under President Barack Obama that contraception, sterilization and abortion inducing drugs should be covered at no cost to the insured in all health care plans is a direct conflict of belief for members of the Catholic Church.

Noonan said it is not right for them to participate in something that is a clear violation and is calling on Catholics to take a stand.

Kissimmee doctor John Hartman has practiced medicine for 30 years and agrees with Bishop Noonan.

“Other people may have different opinions, but my firm conviction on that is that it is bad for health care in the United States and I wish to be able to freely state my case- not to impose but to propose for the health of the nation,” said Dr. Hartman.

Following the press conference was a white mass, held for those practicing medicine like Dr. Hartman, in order to pray for guidance in this issue.

We did reach out to Planned Parenthood for comment but have not received a response.