Monday, February 27, 2012

The Heart of Obama's "Contraception Mandate" is Abortion

The Heart of Obama's "Contraception Mandate" is Abortion

February 27, 2012 

Commentary by Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation


President Obama's so-called "Contraception Mandate" has left many people confused about exactly what the recent Health and Human Services order would do.


This administration, like no other, thrives on bait-and-switch rhetoric to confuse the public in order to forcibly advance a pro-abortion agenda that the majority of the people oppose. President Obama, along with his Planned Parenthood insider, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, are intentionally mischaracterizing the definition of contraception beyond its intended meaning.


The accurate definition of contraception is an act that prevents the woman's egg from uniting with the male's sperm. It is the prevention of fertilization. Any method that entails the destruction of the developing baby is not true contraception, but is the abortion of an already formed, living, and unique human individual.


In the old bait-and-switch tactic, Obama is luring the public into thinking that the HHS mandate would require that private health insurance companies provide for "contraception" pills and devices to women free of charge. While free contraception seems like a "chicken in every pot" kind of political policy, it fails to take into account the consciences of those of religious with moral objections to sterilization and birth control pills.


If this were not bad enough, when Obama uses the word contraception he actually switches definitions to include abortifacients, which are chemicals or devices that cause early abortions. The devil is in the details, or rather the premeditated distortion of the word contraception.


Obama's "contraception mandate" includes IUDs, the morning after pill, Ella, Plan B, and a host of other prescriptions that are by no means strictly "contraceptive" in nature. These devices and chemicals abort the growing embryo prior to the fetus implanting in her mother's womb.


Obama's mandate also obfuscates the fact that there simply is nothing that is "free." Someone has to pay for these so-called "free" services. The insurance companies simply cannot absorb the billions of dollars in costs annually if they are to stay in business. It will be the employer that must provide health insurance who will be forced to pay - regardless of moral conscience - through higher premiums.


Cutting through the bait-and-switch, Obama is forcing all of us, including faith based organizations, to foot the bill for early abortions through our increased insurance costs.

Let us no longer be perplexed at Obama's agenda. He is forcing Americans to provide and pay for abortion. Obama's mandate should be called what it is: a forced abortion mandate. People of faith and conscience in the United States must wholeheartedly reject this deceitful game.
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