Saturday, February 23, 2013

40 Days For Life: DAY 11: Responding to God's call


Dear Deacon,

Thank you to everyone who has come out to pray at
40 Days for Life vigils. If you haven't had a chance
yet, why not go out today?

Saturdays are the busiest days of the week at many
abortion centers. Perhaps the Lord is calling YOU to
step out in faith today.

Here's the link to the 261 campaign locations. To find
the one nearest you, go to:

Recently, I was in Florida and Texas, where they had
one thing they don't have at many of those 261
locations -- warm weather!

In fact, in many cities it's downright cold. Here are
some thoughts -- and links to pictures -- from people
enduring cold weather with warm hearts.


It was "ever so cold" when volunteers bundled up and
gathered together for a nighttime prayer vigil outside
Planned Parenthood with Bishop Joseph Binzer.

"We give thanks to all who've been able to tolerate
the cold and join us in prayer throughout the
campaign," said Theresa in Cincinnati. "Thanks to
all who've answered the call to stand united in
prayer to end abortion."

To see pictures of cold-but-faithful volunteers in
Cincinnati, go to:


Gerald thanked "over 30 hardy pro-lifers fired up
White Plains despite the chilly weather. Thank you
for showing up and witnessing to the dignity of
human life. You are making a difference!"

To see a picture of the volunteers in White Plains
-- in the snow -- go to:


Haylee prayed at the 40 Days for Life in Anchorage ...
concerned not with the cold, but by what she witnessed:
"Young women, in a continual stream, entered the doors
with sad faces and left missing the soul of their
child they carried in with them."

She prayed for those young women, but also that more
"men and women of courage" would answer God's call to
join the vigil.

"My prayer is that the place of darkness might be
turned to light, from despair to hope, from brokenness
to wholeness, and from death to life," she said.

"My prayer is also that Christ will convict the
hearts of His Church to stand in the gap for the
unborn. Don't let another woman enter that facility
without having someone there praying for her!"


"I saw one person praying out in front of Planned
Parenthood the other day," said Pastor Matt Haag in
Sioux Falls, “and my first thought was I wish there
were more! But in all reality, God is there even if
no one is out praying. And perhaps when I see no one
there, God is actually calling me!

"I pray that you are called to take a stand, to see
God at work first hand. Please join us praying to
end abortion!"

Today's devotional is from Fr. Frank Pavone, national
director of Priests for Life.


Pray that people of faith will have their strength
renewed even in the face of the violence of abortion.


The favors of the Lord are not exhausted, his mercies
are not spent. They are renewed each morning, so great
is his faithfulness. I say to myself, "The Lord is my
portion; therefore I will wait for him."

The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the
one who seeks him; it is good to wait in silence for
the saving help of the Lord.

-- Lamentations 3:22-26

REFLECTION by Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

The Book of Lamentations, a short book of only five
chapters, contains some of the most poignant
expressions of human grief.

These verses are used in many Churches on Good Friday,
since they can be seen to express a prophecy of the
suffering of the Lord and the lamentation of his
followers on that dark day.

But in the midst of his grief, Jeremiah writes the
verses quoted above. "The favors of the Lord are not
exhausted." It is a call to hope that no matter how
much violence there is, life will prevail in the end.

Why does he say, however, that God's mercies are
renewed each morning?

Because early in the morning, on the first day of the
week, the women came to the tomb -- and they found
that the events of that morning changed everything.

Christ's victory over death came in the morning, and
therefore each day we can renew our confidence that
life has the final victory.


Lord, look kindly on your people who weep and mourn
amidst the vast devastation that abortion has brought
upon our land. We cannot even count the children
killed, and the mothers and fathers wounded.

We cannot measure the devastation and corruption
abortion has brought upon the very fabric of our
society. But we declare today that your favors have
not been exhausted, your mercies have not been spent.
They are renewed each morning.

Give us new strength today in the resurrection of
Christ your Son, that we may bear effective witness to
the victory of life! In His name we pray, Amen.


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Yours for Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

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