Tuesday, February 19, 2013

ALL Pro-Life Today: Are Catholics Getting What We Deserve?

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Are Catholics Getting What We Deserve?
By Judie Brown
With Obamacare and the HHS contraceptive mandate looming, many eyes seem to be opening for the first time about the destructiveness of these laws----not just for human life, but for conscience rights as well. It will likely be a tough road ahead----one fraught with many obstacles. But we must persevere in both action and prayer. We must speak up and encourage others to do the same. For if we do not, what outcome should we expect? 

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Planned Parenthood botches abortion, hospitalizes woman in Delaware
Life News
Yesterday, a woman was taken by stretcher out the back of Planned Parenthood in Wilmington to a local emergency medical center following a botched abortion. She was loaded into a St. Francis Hospital ambulance, according to Rae Stabosz of Newark, Delaware, who provided LifeNews with a video of the incident. Stabosz says the woman's boyfriend, or husband, followed the ambulance in another vehicle on the way to the hospital. Local pro-life advocates taking part in the 40 Days for Life pro-life prayer vigil filmed the video of the emergency at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic at 625 Shipley St. in Wilmington.

North Dakota personhood measure passes state senate
Huffington Post
North Dakota has only one abortion clinic and has been rated 
the worst state in the country for women, but the State Senate passed two bills on Thursday will make it even more difficult for women in the state to access abortion care. North Dakota lawmakers passed a Personhood Constitutional Amendment initiative on Thursday that would amend the state's constitution to give legal rights and protections to human embryos. If 
the ballot initiative passes the House, North Dakota voters will decide on it during the 2014 elections.

Pregnant teen wins battle to stop forced abortion
Houston Chronicle
A 16-year-old Hockley girl had to make a choice after finding out she was pregnant in January. She could either keep her baby or appease her parents. The teen said her mother and father threatened her and were trying to coerce her into having an abortion, according to court records. After weeks of tearful fighting, the girl took a dramatic step: She sued her parents. The recently filed lawsuit ended Monday with an agreement that the teen's parents would not use physical force or psychological coercion. They also agreed to pay half of the hospital bill if the girl has not married when the baby is delivered and let her use her car to go to school and work. "She wanted to have this child without coercion and she got that," said Stephen Casey, one of the teen's attorneys. "We're glad that our client recognized that her unborn child had a right to live, and she wanted to protect that."